Hot Fix

Quick hotfix to address some of the issues that have come up on the last update.

After feedback from the community and careful consideration, we have reduced the price of the Copycat Tool from 50,000 to 5,000 Units. In order to get reimbursed for the price change, we ask that you sell any previously bought Copycat Tools to get your 50K back. You can then rebuy the Copycat Tool for the cheaper price at Rob’s Imports.


  • Reduced cost of Copycat tool from 50K to 5K. If you originally bought the Copycat tool, you can sell it back for 50K and buy it again for the lower price.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Ocean graphics settings not working with the new Plaza water
  • Fixed snapping sound heard everywhere from the Halloween celebrations NPC
  • Fixed Arcade floor being shiny
  • Fixed missing chairs in the high roller room in Casino
  • Fixed missing collision with the Stair item
  • Fixed Copycat HUD item prompts not hiding completely if the setting is disabled

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