Hot Fix

Got another quickie hot fix to solve some more reported issues.


  • Game World votemap background is now the Game World port instead of a generic background
  • Improved the Game World vote map UI a little (now shows map difficulty tags) and has space for the chat box
  • Game invites are now hidden if the player is currently in an active lobby game (Trivia, Bowling, or Typing Derby). Note: Does not affect Casino games
  • Lobby HUD now hides if you are viewing a special override camera (such as cinematic cameras)

Bug Fixes

  • Minigolf: Fixed Emission moving teleporters not working
  • Fixed a bug where you could votemap multiple times on a map
  • Fixed a bug where you could leave the votemap screen wrongly if you pressed the use key
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t open the chat box while in vote map
  • Fixed a bug where the chat box would not be re-openable after submitting a chat message during “waiting for players” state in Game Worlds

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slower response time.



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So soon!

Ayy while i was doing annoying Maths.
I want to see gameworld port background

Also- when will we be able to chat while in the gameworld votemap?

Read the changelog! It’s in it! LOL, it was a bug but it got fixed in this!

woop i am so DUMB
Because i’m doing maths and almost got caught by the teacher before i could read up to it. :confounded:

Ha ha ha!!

Three updates in under a week?


Well that was fast. Thanks for the updates :slight_smile:

But it has no chat…


Quick unrelated question(s). Have you guys experimented with HLODs yet or are you actively using them right now?
I’ve been experimenting with them quite recently and the setup is quite simple (you’ve probably seen this tutorial already
Are there any major downsides to using HLODs compared to simply generating LODs for each individual object manually?

I haven’t really touched HLOD stuff since it came out, so things may have changed since. However with Plaza specifically, doing the HLOD process actually just crashes the editor after some time. I was looking forward to using it as Plaza is definitely one of the harder maps to optimise.

We’ve LOD’d a lot of models now anyway, and using instancing quite often throughout… at least in some more of the recent maps. Waterhole, Altitude and Midori however DO use HLOD currently.


Awesome! And thanks for the quick response!

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