Hot Fix

This hot fix addresses several issues you’ve reported. We got more fixes in the works as well.


  • Canvas whitelist/blacklist will now always apply regardless of canvas parental modes, removing the need for different canvas parental modes all together, simplifying the canvas parental controls for everyone. Trusting/untrusting players is still required
  • Dark: Made slightly less dark
  • Virus: Adjusted speeds and friction a bit
  • Cleaned up Appearance menu a bit, making it easier to select upgrades for games
  • Redid icons for several items (over 100), including all accessories, RC items, instruments, and more
  • Added a tutorial when clicking on Visit Condos that explains about custom content in Condos
  • Improved look of chat rules and how to report to make it easier for people to read
  • Optimized main menu, drastically reducing GPU usage
  • Inventory UI: Search bar now is much larger and easier to find
  • Inventory UI: You now must click on the bottom inventory to open the drawer for it (instead of just hovering over) to prevent the inventory from accidentally opening
  • Inventory UI: Made the Refresh and Tower Express shortcut buttons much more noticeable
  • Inventory UI: Hot bar no longer closes automatically when right clicking on items
  • Zombie Massacre: Improved zombie ragdolls (fixing jiggling issues and adding more weight to them)
  • Billiards: Reduced point deduction when scratching (from -200 to -50)

Bug Fixes

  • Took measures to improve desync issues for Minigolf and Ball Race platforms
  • Fixed voice chat volume being muffled while players are in seats
  • Inventory UI: Fixed a bug where the hot bar would automatically close while interacting with the hot bar
  • Dark: Fixed certain floating orbs colliding with the camera
  • Minigolf: Fixed Flower Hat scale
  • Fixed some lighting issues in Pine Valley
  • Laser Tag: Fixed spawn point issues that led to players spawning at the origin of the Plaza
  • Laser Tag: Recharging no longer requires you to use the recharge station, instead just being near a recharge station will recharge you

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