Hot Fix

This hot fix addresses several issues you’ve reported. We got more fixes in the works as well.


  • Your own model no longer fades while playing games
  • Updated Candy Cane stick to be like the minigame version
  • Added teleport volumes around the karaoke rooms to prevent mischievous individuals from glitching into karaoke rooms they’re not meant to be in.
  • When you have a player blocked, they will no longer visually display for you in Plaza or Condos. All their weapon sounds and FX will also be muted just for you. (unless they are in Laser Tag or Minigames with you)
  • Bubble Gun, Sparkler, Glowstick are now available to use in Nightclub or Arcade
  • Improved AGC stability to prevent the arcade AGC from going down
  • Improved AGC connections, reducing the amount of time it takes to connect to the AGC
  • Hot bar clean up: Combined Potion & Morph categories into Magic
  • Hot bar cleanup: Added a Toys category for weapons that are toys, reducing the amount of weapon items in the weapon category - making it easier to find the friendlier weapons
  • Hot bar cleanup: Fixed vehicles and food items showing up in “Other” category. Moved some items into food category (such as Throwable Popcorn) as that’s more accurate to what the item are
  • Renamed Fruit Launcher to Throwable Fruit

Bug Fixes

  • Nightclub: Fixed the nightclub media player sometimes not starting, specifically when you teleport to it using the in-game map fast travel
  • Condo: Fixed not being able to interact with tool settings HUDs
  • Fixed workshop models being translucent when they shouldn’t be
  • Optimized nearly every particle system in the game
  • Billiards: Fixed issues where billiards would end immediately in singleplayer mode
  • Fixed “Cold Killer” achievement not incrementing
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed taunting not letting you rotate the camera during the taunt
  • Fixed Plaza maps in the transit station not being interactable
  • Fixed minigame HUD not removing sometimes
  • Fixed minigame kills not counting correctly in the achievements for all minigames that have those
  • Fixed bumper cars exterior having the wrong collision
  • Fixed player fade setting not disabling fade feature properly
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from clicking on the fishing result UI
  • Fixed christmas lights being shifted off of the fishing pier
  • Fixed nightclub post-process volume being disabled
  • Fixed shadows not showing up on billiards balls in certain areas (nightclub) and under certain settings
  • Billiards: Fixed first ball pocketed not giving you points
  • Fixed fruit launcher weapon icon not being really useful to what the item is
  • Nightclub: Fixed missing collision

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