Hot Fix

We’re glad you’re all enjoying the Nightclub! This hot fix addresses several issues you’ve reported. We got more fixes in the works as well.


  • Nightclub: Media that you request now will have a blue background and media your friends have requested will have a green background
  • Nightclub: Added warning before adding media informing users that YouTube videos don’t work with the visualizer
  • Nightclub: Reduced voteskip percentage needed from 2/3 to 1/2
  • Nightclub: Media that is longer than 30 minutes can no longer be added to the queue
  • Nightclub: Stream media can no longer be added to the queue
  • Nightclub: Billiards area now hides player name tags
  • Billiards: If the a player leaves mid-game, the other player should automatically win
  • Billiards: Reduced friction a bit
  • Billiards: You can now cancel the shot you started adjusting power with right click
  • Billiards: Walking too far from the billiards table you are currently playing will now forfeit your game
  • Billiards: Added overview camera mode (space bar) that toggles the camera to an above shot of the table
  • Glowing Headphones now react to Soundcloud enabled visualizer data

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mouse scrolling in media queue sometimes not working
  • Fixed memory leak issue related to media volume slider on the bottom left of the HUD, and thus the media volume slider is now back
  • Nightclub: Fixed some Soundcloud songs not having any audio due to a privacy setting set by the artist
  • Nightclub: Fixed missing collision on entrance stairwell ceiling
  • Billiards: Sometimes the wrong person is awarded the win
  • Billiards: Fixed an exploit
  • Billiards: Fixed a bug where the cue would hit if you have chat open or pause menu
  • Trivia: Fixed the trivia buttons not being properly clickable

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this is quite a warm repair


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