Hot Fix

This update focuses on fixing various issues in the game.


  • Plaza: More optimizations (mainly the Game World ports)
  • Minigolf: You can now putt on moving platform floors (such as Hole 11 on Island)
  • Minigolf - Forest: Hole 7 moving floor platforms can now be putted on while you’re still on it
  • Minigolf - Island: Hole 11 moving floor platforms can now be putted on while you’re still on it
  • Minigolf - Forest update: Various visual improvements, and hole 7 is now slower
  • Minigolf - Island update: Various visual updates
  • Inventory: Hot bar now automatically closes the inventory list when no longer hovered over
  • You can now freely move your camera around while in instruments (such as Piano and Drumset)
  • Menu: Moved inventory menu access below player profile
  • Menu: Added a new tutorials section
  • Menu: Removed “Play” button as it is irrelevant now
  • Menu: Removed the blue background of the community section
  • Menu: Improved chat box look
  • Menu: Added description titles to Condo sub sections
  • Menu: Completely redid the Game World section to be more user friendly (and less clicks)
  • Added Item Playground mode
  • Made fish rotate more naturally so that they actually look in the direction they swim in
  • Made fish movement ever so slightly erratic

Bug Fixes

  • Refactored workshop player model loading to prevent crashes
  • Fixed fish moving up and down in the Condo pool
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed a camping spot in Knightsend
  • Virus: Fixed a camping spot in Desertion
  • Fixed minigame weapon traces being blockable by players (now the weapon traces go right through players)
  • Fixed fish getting stuck moving at the bottom or top of aquariums
  • Fixed fish sticking their noses out of aquariums
  • Minigolf: Fixed network desync issues with tubes (no longer do clients sit in the tubes for 5 seconds)
  • Fixed halloween ambience music not adhering to Plaza Music Volume setting
  • Resort: Fixed aquarium not being backlit
  • Fixed Trick or Treat candy spawning underground sometimes
  • Fixed key prompt on Electronic Keyboard
  • Fixed condo maps you own sometimes not being able to be selected in the condo menu

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