Hot Fix

This update focuses on fixing various issues in the game.

We are aware of the recent workshop player model crashes that have been occurring. We are actively working on resolving these crashes ASAP.


  • Plaza: Optimization of various things
  • Updated emote list to be sorted by emote types (dances, poses, etc.)
  • Added new emotes: Frog, Dab Loop, Lighter Sway, Rough Convict, Vibin’, Vomit, Facepalm, Pray, Face Splat, and Thinker

Bug Fixes

  • We are still working on resolving more workshop player model crashes
  • Fixed quests not auto saving progress (prevents loss of quest progress if you crash or disconnect improperly)
  • Plaza: Fixed greenhouse lacking collisions
  • Resort: Fixed lack of rain/wind sounds
  • Resort: Fixed fish getting out of the aquarium
  • Fixed new Halloween items not showing in Halloween category in Celebrations
  • Ball Race: Fixed pumpkin clock wearable items colliding with camera
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed collision issues in Gasoline

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