Hot Fix

This update focuses on fixing various issues in the game, mainly issues that came up from the recent Workshop Condo update.


  • Condo Workshops: Visually combined tags by category for easier viewing in the condo workshop browser (ex. Interactivity: Game, Interactivity: Puzzle would appear as Interactivity: Game, Puzzle)
  • Condo Workshops: Turned Item Usage tags into icons for easier viewing
  • Condo Workshop Browser: Added quick install buttons and download progress per item button

Bug Fixes

  • Condo Workshop Browser: Fixed tags overflowing in the UI
  • Condo Workshop Browser: Fixed tag filtering not initiating a search
  • Condo Workshop Browser: Fixed tooltip on condos not removing after you click on a condo for more info
  • Condo Workshops: Fixed intro description text going past the background container
  • Condo Workshops: Fixed being able to rehost a condo workshop as a different condo map through the pause menu
  • Condo: Fixed locked items highlighting
  • Condo Workshop: Fixed a bug with special characters and saving a condo for upload
  • Condo Workshop Browser: Fixed clicking on other condos while downloading a condo causing the download bar/install UI buttons staying inactive
  • Condo: Fixed tool weapons being usable even if you aren’t the condo owner
  • Condo - House: Improved collisions and resolved some bad collisions
  • Condo: Fixed spinning light items not always spinning
  • Condo: Fixed weather settings not applying in certain condos (default condo, house, highrise, suite)
  • Condo: Fixed skylight issues

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