Hot Fix

This update focuses on fixing various issues in the game, including achievements, net desync issues in Ball Race/Minigolf, and Accelerate bugs.


  • Laser Tag: Adjusted HUD so chat text doesn’t intersect with the game HUD
  • Appearance menu will now automatically default its tab to the current Game World. For example, if you click on Appearance while in Accelerate, it’ll auto select Accelerate from the tab list immediately
  • Community Suggestion: Added rocket jumping to Firework RPG
  • Accelerate Workshop: Added Skateboard and ATV workshop upload tags

Bug Fixes

  • Ball Race: Fixed the ending of Khromidro course 5 being needlessly frustrating and difficult
  • Ball Race: Fixed weird lighting in Khromidro
  • Ball Race: Fixed Ball Race new best UI element displaying the time as Accelerate time style
  • Ball Race: Fixed additional net desync issues
  • Accelerate: Fixed items being invisible when late joining
  • Accelerate Workshop: Fixed vehicle first person offset being offset by workshop player model scales
  • Accelerate: Fixed Dragon powerup not using the correct player animations if the vehicle overrides the default animation pose
  • Accelerate Workshop: Fixed driving wheel displaying in bike mode
  • Accelerate: Fixed late join issues (getting stuck without a kart and having boost effects constantly)
  • Accelerate: Fixed Sun and Homing Bowling ball items disappearing way too soon
  • Accelerate Workshop: Fixed backleg for skateboard animations being weirdly rotated
  • Accelerate: Fixed Sun item showing on minimap even if the Sun wasn’t fired
  • Accelerate: Fixed skateboard animation pose causing workshop player models to be offset/in the air if they have any scale set on them (i.e. smaller workshop models)
  • Fixed a console message from popping up that said, “EVENT: HANDLED IN THE HANDLER”
  • Fixed pool tube animations breaking when equipping weapons
  • Fixed achievements that rely on friend look ups: It’s a Party, Get Together, Movie Night
  • Fixed achievements that rely on visiting other Condos
  • Fixed Rambo achievement
  • Fixed Big Bucks achievement
  • Fixed Condo shower door glass missing its material
  • Fixed not being able to edit the surface of the Condo shower tiles

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<3 PixelTail Games


This is all I need in life
Thank u


I downloaded a TF2 Soldier model from the workshop so fast it isn’t even funny. If I’m gonna rocket jump like a loon, I’m gonna do it right, darnit!


I’m scared to go in plaza now.

If I start trying the rocket jumping mechanic, I’ll get addicted for hours unable to leave.


I’m honestly super hype to see the massive amount of rocket jump condos that people build in the coming months.


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