Hot Fix

This update directly addresses various crashes and Workshop issues.

Updated Appearance Menu!

In this hot fix, we cleaned up the look and feel of the appearance menu and added Accelerate appearance settings so you can browse Accelerate workshop content within the menu and pause menu freely. You can also now change your appearance while in a Game World!


  • New appearance menu
  • Added Accelerate appearance editing in the appearance menu
  • You can now adjust your appearance while in a Game World
  • Added clearer workshop player model block buttons to player profiles. You can now block workshop player models while in Game Worlds
  • Menu: Resized Global Chat to be a little larger on the main menu
  • Menu: Added support for escape key to go back a menu
  • Menu: You must click to enter a sub menu in Condo and Game World menus to prevent accidental hovering leaving the current menu you are on

Bug Fixes

  • Regression fix: Fixed canvas surface data not saving properly when set
  • Arcade: Fixed some machines taking double tokens
  • Accelerate - Bedzoom: Added a missing death volume
  • Accelerate - Bedzoom: Fixed some spots where players could get stuck
  • Accelerate: Fixed workshop vehicle metadata sometimes not being applied
  • Accelerate: Fixed “hidden player” workshop metadata feature not hiding wearables
  • Accelerate: Fixed removing workshop kart causing preview cart to have old metadata applied
  • Accelerate: Fixed “ready set go” sound playing during track 2 intro
  • Accelerate: Fixed “hidden player” workshop metadata feature toggling player back on when going first person to third person
  • Accelerate: Fixed some workshop models causing collision issues with boosts and items
  • Accelerate: Fixed player scale workshop metadata resetting and not applying in-game
  • Accelerate: Fixed player offset rotation workshop metadata being incorrectly displayed in-game
  • Fixed canvas pyramid collision
  • Fixed opening Condo from pause menu going to the default Condo always
  • Fixed workshop browser not showing subscribed tab
  • Fixed menu appearance cameras being offset
  • Fixed workshop tooltip info drawing under the player profile
  • Menu: Fixed back button being always active/hovered state after returning back to main menu
  • Crash fix: Canvas crash
  • Crash fix: Misc crash
  • Crash fix: Rich presence crash
  • Crash fix: Workshop crash
  • Crash fix: Workshop crash #2
  • Crash fix: Workshop crash #3
  • Crash fix: Workshop crash #4
  • Crash fix: Crash on exit

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Good work on a quick canvas fix.


I don’t know if this is the place to follow-up, but I was told that the catsacks were getting charged at twice the rate because of the arcade problem. I had another transaction last night that 100 catsacks cost over 2 million units. It says it only charges 1 million but tales 2 million and change. Does it have to do with the unresolved double token issue?

That’s unrelated and completely new. Nothing was changed with that system.

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This problem still persists with the NPCs in the Condo Lobby of Plaza, however.


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