Hoddys MODEL-Showroom

Hi Community im decided to make some more Models for TU and i like to show you my results in this Thread.
Feel free to rate or improve.
OR post you own model in here.
My English is like the E.T Game -> BAD

[size=18]My first Model: Iphone:[/size]

[size=18]Second Model: Gamecube:[/size]

[size=32]MORE SOON[/size]


Your first two images are broken, but that Gamecube looks very nice :smiley_cat:

Sorry- Now its fixt :sunglasses:

That looks good… I guess…

TOTALLY not jealous.

You know, when I see creations like this it just makes me want to hop in 3d modelling.

Then I think about how annoying/time consuming half the shit is so I just back away. Bravo on your models :smile:

These are awesome! Great job @Hoddy ! :smile:

I don’t know how you can make awesome models like these, I wouldn’t know where to start. :confused: