Hello GREAT Community

Hi my Name is Marco aka

Country: GERMANY
Age: 18
Hobbys: Mapping in Hammer-Editor (some of my work), Swimming, Video Games
STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/id/derhoddy/

I little bit about my self
Im friendly, helpful and i like to teach someone something (for example hammer editor)
you guys see im German so my english ist nicht so gut
im very glad that im a part of this great Community
Im currently working on some Models for TowerUnite
I hope TU making a BIG BOOM on release and we get many many players for a great start.
I want you to know that im a Leader of a little Community! We are waiting for Dedicated Server to start our own server.
Im Playing right now Elite Dangerous, Gmod, CSGO, Tower Unite and some Games on WiiU

Short: HELLO COMMUNITY! :kissing_heart:


Welcome to the Community, @Hoddy :smiley:.

Also, your English isn’t bad at all. I’ve seen Germans and other people from other countries completely butcher words.

Wilkommen in den Foren! :smile:

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Welcome to the Community!

Unite with us
there’s no escape
welcome btw

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Man I don’t know what you’re talking about this community is the worst. :smirk:

Welcome to the community Hoddy!
For a deutschen, I see your englisch ist pretty good. Ich have seen Leute that literally mix deutsch with english, wie i am doing right now.

What state are you from? I’m from the glorious Baden-Württemberg, that other southern state nobody knows about. It’s all about that Bavaria when it comes to Southern Germany.

Im from bavaria… But i dont like drinking beer
Im not a typical german guy


Welcome to the PixelTail forums @Hoddy. Your English is better than some of my friends, so don’t worry about having bad English. Enjoy your time on the forums! :smile:

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Welcome, @Hoddy! Your English is fine, btw :slight_smile: