History of GMod Tower / Tower Unite Documentary

Hey TU forums! I’ve always been amazed by online worlds like Playstation Home, VRchat, Club Penguin, and of course Tower Unite and GMod Tower. Out of all of the ones I’ve tried, TU and GMT have by far the most extensive and interesting history - GMod Tower had an entire life cycle and turned from a simple project to a gamemode covered by big creators with hundreds, if not thousands of players. And Tower Unite is doing the same, and it’s still growing and evolving… although I may be slightly biased.

Anyway, I had the idea of making some kind of mini-documentary about the history of GMT, TU and PixelTail Games simply because it’s interesting to me and I think there’s a lot to talk about. Plus I enjoy video editing as a hobby.

It’s an early idea right now and I have like a basic introduction written, but I’m lacking inspiration right now and I wanna get this off the ground. So I’m asking you guys - if you’ve got any gameplay footage I can use, or if you want to just talk about your experience on PixelTail’s ongoing journey, please post it below! I’ll make sure to credit you.

I hope I can actually finish this and make it into a real thing, with you guys’ help!


You’re free to use my old GMT condo tour video (or anything else I’ve chucked into the Community Showcase area, if that ends up relevant for whatever reason). It’s not high quality by any means and the inherent subtitles mean that it’s probably not well suited as documentary style footage, so don’t feel pressured to use it at all. Just ask me if you need me to download the mp4 from YouTube or feel free to use tools of questionable legality to download it yourself, I don’t mind. :wink:


footage of my friends and I playing the Kickstarter Demo, mid 2015
interesting piece of footage

streamers reacting to casino release, early 2017


Name poll (before anyone knew Tower Unite was going to be a thing):

(and footage of that condo)

Zak’s plaza server, shortly after Backer Alpha launch:

Mostly just the same stuff, just from different angles and all that

Videos (click to display)


More alpha footage:

Chair bug + defaced plaza tour (players were able to place items in the plaza at this time)

Alpha item playground (+bugs)


feel free to download any videos from my channel


Awesome, thank you guys!
@profbonkars Summit1G played TU on stream? whaaaat?

Can I download and reupload them?


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My channel is dead, but some of my old videos are still there, unlisted. I don’t really make videos anymore.

You have permission to use anything you want as long as I’m credited as “A_Blue_Gryphon” with a watermark somewhere in the corner. Some of this stuff might make good B-roll footage, I dunno. Have at it.


The Bone Zone - Episode 1

The Bone Zone - Episode 2


Forklift Gang

The best/(worst?) condo I’ve ever joined

The Tower Unite Casino experience in 2 seconds

Workshop Support & Emotes Update

The Jetpack Experience

1,000 Silver Catsacks

If you would like to use any of the videos, I can send download links, just DM me through the forums.


Awesome, thank you!

Forklift Gang is a classic

@ThisIsntNath I’d strongly recommend using clips from that if you plan to showcase the early Workshop days :wink:


Here is some of my history footage from GMT that you can use:

Source Karts Alpha Testing
Holiday 2013
Halloween 2014
Holidays 2014
New Years 2015
GMod Tower Last 2 Weeks (March 26 - April 8, 2016)
GMod Tower Finale (April 8th, 2016)


Give meee some download links :sunglasses:
I want those Bone Zone episodes backed up as well as forklift gang. :heart:

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Plasma, you were the mom with the camera in GMT. Got everyone together for group pictures, took videos, and now we have them all in your channel to watch.

Thanks, momma plasma.


Well, my Google account got suspended for no reason so I completely lost the old document. I’m gonna have to start again from scratch while I wait for Google’s account recovery thing, so if anyone can, please help me out by adding what you can to this Timeline document I’m starting with - I basically want to build a timeline of every major thing that’s happened all the way from GMT to today - events, updates, stuff happening in the community, everything.

If I can, I’ll credit you in the video (if it actually happens). Please share this to anyone that knows a lot about GMT, the more info the merrier!

This might help you with the timeline-- @The_Sink_God made a spreadsheet that keeps track of all updates we’ve had so far (seems like it doesn’t include and onwards yet though):


Whoa, this is really extensive! Thanks for this!


Just updated with and .1 :slight_smile: forgot that thing even existed lol


I’ll contribute information but I’m not really familiar how suggestion mode works on Google Docs. So sorry in advance if I make a mess.

Thanks! It’s pretty simple, just make whatever changes you’d like and I can accept or deny them.