TU Version History Log Spreadsheet

I made a spreadsheet to record the version history of Tower Unite in one spot. It contains every update that actually changes the version number from up to now. If anyone is interested in helping keep this up to date/adding links (there’s a LOT of links that still need to be added for past versions), feel free to say so as I’d love some help.

(you can comment too if you’d like for feedback/mistakes)

Darker on version number column = major release.
Darker/bold on title column = minor release (not bold/dark = hotfix or otherwise small change).
Tags are a tad bit unreliable as the way updates are tagged changes a bit through development and I added/removed a few tags that made no sense (like adding “New Map” to updates that contain new maps but weren’t marked as such).


Here is where the relevant info is for anyone that wants to help with the document:



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My life as an excel spreadsheet


Update: Added a column that shows the max spike in player count up to a few days after the release of an update. The color is determined with conditional formatting, and the midpoint is at the 35th percentile of all the data in the column so it’ll change depending on future updates and their player spikes. Note that this isn’t meant to show the “quality” of the update or anything, just what it does to the player count after release. Moreso to see how “interested” the community is in he update after it’s initially pushed out. I got the data from SteamDB.