Hi, I'm Plokit


I’ve figured that one out lmao.

Is your name the same in game?

thanks for the info.


Hey, Welcome toHellthe forums!
Hope you enjoy your stay!

(insert raising hand emoji)


Lol, thanks :joy:


Hi! Little late to this one, but no matter.

If you haven’t already, I seriously suggest diving into the condo showcase area on the forums. Some of the builds there are actually mind blowing.

Anyway, have fun and stay away from the bike shed.


don’t think i’ve ever seen such a big introductions thread, woah.
welcome to tu, you arrived at a good time


I’ll have to check them out. Maybe it’ll give me some ideas.



Hey Plokit, nice to meet ya. I just want to add that there is a Tower Unite Discord if you’d like to join and have real time conversations with everyone :slight_smile:



I may join that when I get on my computer tonight, thanks for the info.


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