Hi, I'm Plokit


I just joined the forums, and I just bought the game. Hoping to get to try it out tonight. I’m coming from a game that was shut down earlier this year called Onverse. It was sort of similar to this game. Social, filled with mini games. This game looks pretty cool, and I’m hoping I like it. My real name is Mason. I’m just browsing the forums for now, since I can’t play the game right now. Hoping to get to know the community a bit. If anybody has suggestions for a new guy, I’d love to hear them!

EDIT: Also, where does most of the player base seem to be from?


Welcome, so for my sugestion, play arround with canvasses in your condo (in-game house) and get creative, thats pretty much the story of why i DIDNT refund the game (i thought the game was boring for a moment when i played it for the first time).

Also do not go to stranger’s basements (like in real life), unless you want to see “questionable” things.


Thanks, lol. I think I’m liking the community already lmao. What are canvases exactly?


Images that can be placed pretty much everywhere: on the Walls, on the floor, on the ceilling, on an object or floating in mid air defying gravity and breaking the damn laws of physics.

Usually used as a way to make objects or display memes and anime


Ah, I see. Is it also used as “wallpaper” to repaint your walls and such, or just something fun to play around with?


You can do that or the things i mentioned on top and much more, they are incredibly versetaile building items and even comes with several types like the mousepad canvas, the DVD case canvas and even a dakimakura canvas.
Just copy paste a link of a image from google to use, simple as that


sounds pretty cool. How bad is the learning curve on the building mechanics in your condo?


The learning curve for all of TU is pretty tall. As it’s still being developed, there is no in-depth official tutorial, so I’d personally recommend reading this Steam user-created guide to teach you the basics of the game and what to expect.

However, there are a few barebones, outdated (but still mostly relevant) tutorials from the devs that teach you the basic mechanics and how to work them:


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Thanks, I’ll take a peek when I get a chance. Usually building in these types of games has a bit of a curve, but it shouldn’t be too bad after watches these and going through the guide


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I mean i would agree on the learning curve if its meant for Players who never played any building game before i guess, because it was real easy when i did.


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Your mileage may vary. My learning curve for TU building was pretty slow because I didn’t really spend a lot of time improving at it. If someone was really dedicated to it, I imagine they’d have a pretty easy time learning the ropes and gradually improving.


I was so dedicated to it learned Photoshop to make canvas images, im not joking about this


also i dont know if it is still like it now with the new update but, a big portion of the TU community were turkish for some reason, they are interesting, but yeah on TU you can relax and talk to people and hopefully have a good time, the game is best if you play with friends, either in real life online or friends you make on TU. i hope you have a good time.


Welcome to the forums!


Wait what? That cant be true


I’ve played a number of building games before, along with a few games that have building mechanics in them. So it sounds like I shouldn’t be too lost lol.