Hi, I'm Plokit


As long as you got units you will be fine




sounds COOL


I like how they call the currency units. It just makes me want to blurt out the quote “suck my unit” from the movie “Tropic Thunder”!


Ah yes, the classic Vietnam movie about a confused Australian tony stark doing blackface,
The acting was so good it was not even considered racist.
EDIT : i forgot this, have a TUberculosis day


Welcome TU Tower Unite! I hope you have a TUbular time over here and be intellecTUalized about making strucTUres!


TUtally will!


I think it’s just because it was made before this whole political race thing started blowing up in the media. I personally wouldn’t consider it racist, and it didn’t say anything negative about black people, but that’s a discussion for a different forum. I’d prefer to keep politics out of this as per the rules lol


Ok no more politicks


I’m brand new, I don’t want to get in trouble already lmao


Hey. Welcome to the forums. I’d be happy to give you a tour around the game if you want. Beats watching a video. Lol. Just pm me if you’re interested. I’m a backer, so I’ve been playing since the very start and I like to do a little of everything, so I’m very familiar with every part of the game.


Oh i forget to mention, the Devs quite active, infact i can recall the time i asked a Dev for a texture one time.


I may take you up on that offer. I’m not home at the moment, and the game is downloading still anyways. But when I get a chance to get on, I may pm you.


Are you giving him an ingame tour? How nice of you.


Welcome to the forums Plokit, glad to have you here!
It’s your first day and you’ve already made quite the active thread.

Seeing as you’re new and seem to be interested in building stuff, one
of my personal favorite building guides is this one.

It’s really helpful if you want to start making more complicated builds
with the semi-limited system in place at the moment.

Hope you enjoy your time here with us all! :blush:


Thanks, I’ll definitely take a look at that once I get in and start building.


Just sent you a friend request on Steam, just in case.


Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!

To answer your playerbase question, most of us probably hail from the Garry’s Mod mod GMod Tower (GMT). TU is a spritual successor to GMT, and it’s made by the same team (at least in name, as many who worked on GMT left before TU became a thing and some people joined the team for TU without having any hand in GMT). I’ve also seen people compare this to PSHome, so I’d bet that there’s a percentage who come from there as well.


Just a good example.

In my condos I have movie theaters and I put posters of movies like the dark night and lord of the rings to keep a cool atmosphere.

But there’s some crazy creations you should see in this game!

Feel free to add me I’m usually on!


welcome to global chat hell