Help to make game playable?

So, whenever I try to play the game, my fps will struggle to even achieve 10 fps. This is even at a really, really bad resolution scale and all of the graphics settings at their lowest. I’m honestly not sure what to do at this point, i’ve tried a steam guide with launch options, and ive tried setting the priority to “High” in task manager.

Here’s my specs:

I’m honestly not sure what to do. I bought the game today and its been like this out of the box.

It’s a weird bug that happens due to stuff with Steam API or something along those lines. Just restart Steam, it’ll fix the issue.

wierd… i have pc “half good as yours” and i on max settings i am getting like 40-50 fps in lobby and in some minigolf maps (mostly garden and treasure cove) it’s sometimes 20-30fps

Thank you!! This worked!