Help! I deleted my condo!

I’m Terrified, I have put literal days of my life into my condo and it deleted when i was trying to save a snapshot. I have it saved on the workshop but I’m not sure how to gt it back and I don’t want to mess anything up. Please Help!

Workshop condos seem to be stored in steamapps\workshop\content\394690\[numbers at the end of steam page URL]

Copy the folder from there into the appropriate condo in your condo folder (Steam\userdata\[your SteamID3]\394690\remote\Condos\) and rename it to CondoData. Snapshots are stored in folders, but folders you create manually in the file explorer won’t show up in the in-game snapshot list, so keep that in mind.
Some people don’t seem to have their condo folder there, though, so if you can’t find it, I’d recommend just searching for where your CondoData files with something like Everything.

Your canvas URLs might break, though, since workshop maps pack canvases into your map file.

Just for future reference, though, I’d recommend making regular automated backups with something like Google Drive’s sync feature or Dropbox. Making whole-PC backups with something like Veeam Agent would be ideal, though.


I have about 15 whole days in it so it would’ve been devastating

Thank you! I got it back!I’ve saved multiple copies and in never messing with anything again. I was literally shaking. I appreciate the help!