Hello! I have the key, and have tested the alpha. Wheres the keys for my friends?

As the title says, I have a key already, tested it out and find its great! But as promised it says I get alpha access keys as well as the Steam ones. Can I have more keys? Or does the 1 key work for all? And also they will need a link to the download page. Thank you :slight_smile:

One key per backer (Unless you pledge for the two pack or four pack), same will apply to Steam keys when they roll out.

Hello, yes I selected the $75 Difference Maker [Encore] perk, which includes all above. Which means I should have more than 1 key. I think I should have 4 alpha keys? Or is that strictly just closed alpha?

I believe the extra copies are for the Steam Early Access (AKA open beta), so your friends will need to wait.

Oh okay thank you, I must of misunderstood.

Yeah, if you read the perks for the extra copies, it doesn’t mention extra alpha keys.
Makes me want to bring up another question, though… Seeing as you get all previous rewards, does that mean you get 6 keys for pledging as much as the Four Party Gamer perk?

Yes, but as I said I only have 1 key at this moment in time.

Yeah, I think you only get one key for alpha.

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The multiple keys for friends are restricted to the $28 “Partner Gamer” perk and the $50 “Four Party Gamer” perk. If you didn’t buy one of those ones, you will only be getting keys for yourself.

I get both as I paid $75.

I’m sorry, @Ryan, but the multi-key packs are separate ones. They’re not included in any other perk

Source? Because I pledged $30 and was expecting an extra Steam Early Access copy for a friend.

As you can see, the $75 perk only includes keys for you.


For example, if you read the perk “Power Gamer” it says you get everything from “Audiophile”. It completely skips “Partner Gamer.” This means you do not get the extra copies if you buy Power Gamer.

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Thanks for the chart, @Phocus. The same applies for the Partner Gamer tier

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Thanks all for the replies, I didn’t realize. Well that sucks :confused: oh well.

Man, that’s a real shady way of doing it. Kind of annoyed now, was expecting to give a second copy as a gift to a friend.


It can lead to confusion, since all of the tiers seem to be “all of the above”, but one has to be careful with what he reads. I’m sorry it didn’t go as expected for you <:|

Exactly what I was thinking. But I guess its our fault for not reading it. But as I did buy a big perk, it should be included.

^ That. I was considering upgrading to the $200 perk and designing an item, but I think I’ll put off giving them more money if I won’t get at least one extra copy for my friend in doing so. Not to sound entitled, but for that kind of money I’d think I at least deserve such.

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