Has there ever been a TTRPG (DnD) session ran entirely within Tower?

Yo. Seeing d20s got added into the game made me wonder: has anyone actually tried running a game inside Tower Unite? And if not, would there be interest in trying it, just for the hell of it?

I’m thinking it should be doable, as long as the rules are short enough to fit on a few canvases, and they only use d6s and d20s (well, you could emulate the other dice using d20s, d10s easily so, the others not so much).

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I’ve mostly been waiting for more I/O functionality to make it viable for a sort of Board Game / DnD condo to be made, where players can move pieces into place, around and have some minor events tied to buttons to make it easier. Akin to Tabletop.


I know of some friends in tower who have done it once. I think they made a custom map for it and had the dice for rolling actions.

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Very interesting if this could happen. Like its Tabletop Simulator all over again lol I did make a post about custom cards for card games (Custom Cards To Play (Ex: MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh. Pokémon, etc.)) etc MTG, YuGiOh! and Pokémon in the same vain so I would love to see DnD be functional but we would need some items to be added to make this possible yes?

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I’d think it would be simpler to just have players roll real dice or use a dice app than to use clunky in game dice.