Custom Cards To Play (Ex: MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh. Pokémon, etc.)

Since this whole emulator update was so out of left field that I didn’t even know it could be possible in TU.
I believe we should also benefit other games that don’t need a screen but cards to play!
I believe a Card Deck and Card Deck Vs Table should be added to the game, this card deck should allow you to add how many cards you want in your deck to play classic card games like Go Fish, Poker, Uno, Blackjack etc but should also support custom cards as well by letting the player add custom card images so that they can use cards from any card game like Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Star Wars, Dragon Ball, etc!
The Card Deck Vs Table should allow people to play with their decks on the table, able to roll dice, use dice as health points, use dice as counters, able to clone cards, and have a lot of spaces on the table for people to play the game.
I feel like there should also be a table for more than 2 players, one for 4 or even 6 players!
What do you think?

Going to bump this up since I don’t think people saw it since it was so late at night.

Again I really do feel like this would be great. I mean just seeing everyone open condos that are places for people to come in and play a few rounds of a card game. It will open this game up for new people to play and be an unique update just like the emulation update!

We’ve had some internal talks about cards and board game items. Maybe one day!


Please if you could Mac definitely make it work! It would be an amazing addition just like the emulators!

For the love of God, Mac, please make this work. That would be absolutely incredible. TU is slowly becoming a replacement for EmuVR and now, the possibility of it also becoming a Tabletop Simulator replacement is just too damn cool of a prospect to let go. I mean, if this happens, once VR support fully rolls out, I’d legit probably never play another game again. lol


Lol same here! I mean just imagine, Condos open up and there their own fuckin arcades! Places for people to come in and play some games but also sit down and play some of their favorite card games as well! Its genius! When I made this suggestion I was just thinking about Tabletop Simulator!

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Actually since I am hoping in the future this will be an addition to the game and also since emulation on Tower Unite is out I think I might make an arcade/card shop and prepare for this addition to hopefully arrive!

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Its been a while and while looking around there really isn’t anywhere to play card games these days. Sometimes you have to download entire separate programs just to play one card game and others where some card programs have discontinued so you can’t even play the card game you want to play. I really do feel like this would definitely help a lot of people out since not everyone has a way to play with their friends irl and go down to a card shop to do a few duels. Hell I can say out of my own experience that there is no place where I live that has a place to play card games at. So if Tower Unite does do this I feel it would be an amazing boon for them if this gets pulled off. I really do hope it does.

This sounds like tabletop simulator to me

Well yeah that is where I got the idea from. Tower Unite is becoming more better and beating out older games on Steam like Anarchy Arcade. If they add this they could totally beat out Tabletop SImulator.

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I totally agree and besides, if we could convince even some of the fanbases of games like AA or TTS to play this instead, then the community as a whole will benefit.