Has anything special happened in the past few months?

Hey man. So, I’ve been away from the Gmod Tower community for quite some time and I was wondering (curious I am) if anything special has happened while I was fapping in my very special corner. The threads here appear more dead than usual.

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Idk much about GMT. I do know there are way less people on it then there used to be.

Tower Unite though, that is progressing a shit ton!

Yeah, pretty much, if you want to see how much Tower Unite has progressed, look at [56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek(NOTE: MOST PICTURES ON THIS THREAD AREN’T FINAL DEVELOPMENTS. BE WARNED.) If you want to see their dev plan, go to https://trello.com/b/6BwRMiPw/tower-unite-roadmap

The Developers don’t really use the Trello. The see the most up-to-date roadmap, use the google document. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vSSUPaYnHFH9dVCSW9PY1YDKQ97vkCy4a4wlW6UAvTQ/edit#gid=2115666454

Shame. Was good for awhile. At the very least I got introduced to it by them so props for that.

It was way too messy to look at for us. While it worked for GMTower, for Tower Unite we like simple lists so we can just get through all the tasks quickly.

So, you think you guys are just gonna ditch it completely? Or use a different service?

The spread sheet seems to be working well for us so we’ll stick to that for now.

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