Halloween Minigames Announcement

Thanks to the efforts of our programmers (and the various hotfixes and live testing), we’re happy to announce that the Halloween minigames are now added to the rotation of Plaza events!

Halloween themed minigames will occur every so often in the central Plaza fountain area and are opt-in events. These minigames reward you with Units for participating.

We’re now going to slow down with the hotfixes and start working on new content updates and continue to solve reported bugs. You can track all of our progress on our Trello (and if you want more in-depth details please read our daily logs).

Thank you for your patience and support and have fun!

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our daily logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.


Good job :3

Please do announcement posts like these in the future (on these forums) if you have to remove/update something, so players aren’t confused.

The visibility is perfect, easy to find, and helps everyone stay informed (as many don’t use discord) :3

PS: please let Arcade be one of those heavily focused new content pieces :3


I’ve seen these Minigames! and they’re really cool made!
good job to be honest!

even though i had to verify to actually update because it wouldent do it, but that’s nothing!

good job guys! :smiley: :video_game:

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