Halloween 2023 Condo Contest


I’m Roco, Happy to join into the condo contest with my Halloween Maze. Server name is always

“2023 Roco Halloween Walkthrough // Happy Halloween V2”

Happy Halloween!

Steam ID: 76561198014670464

Here are some Picture, I do host my map on weekends ( Pacific Time Zone)


Hello there and Happy Halloween. This is my first entry into the condo contest as well as my first stab at a halloween themed condo. I leaned on a personal favorite horror game for inspiration.

Featured Image

My Steam Profile: Steam Community :: MoldMan

Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to all, it was a lot of fun to expand my knowledge on condo creation and I hope to create larger scaled projects in the future.


Crane Manor

Ancient seat of the Katsacks. All is quiet, soon the family will be returning from their lastest hunt. Hopefully a successful one.

Happy halloween



Flashback Megaplex’s Fear Fest

Decked out for the 24/7 Fear Fest event with customized decorations, lighting, and halloween themed movies.

By: OuTSMoKE (Dr. Peter Venkman)



More Images:


Behold, my Humble Halloween Home Party!
The featured image is the one directly below.


Steam Profile: Baby In A Pipe
ID64: 76561198036810834

The L I C H | Boss Fight
|The Interlopers Have Overstayed Their Welcome|
Fully playable boss fight with over 10 unique moves.
Play against the boss automatically or by controlling the bosses moves.

Workshop Link

Full Fight


Manual Controls


-On The Move


Hey everyone! Here is my Halloween 2023 Condo Contest submission! This scene features over 10,000 manually placed objects to create a realistic haunted wooded area, I hope you like what you see :blush:

Parking lot before the trail:

Pathway to a picnic area:

Pathway to the Haunted Cabin:

The outside of the Haunted Cabin:

Inside the Haunted Cabin:

Hanging man on the top of the hill:

Graveyard behind the hill:

and of course my steam ID:


[Co-op condo entry]
@ThurDoDinok : 76561198033283713
@Herobrine : 76561198063007659

Hello! i hope you enjoy and thank you to all the people who collected all the citrus and gained access to this area in my condo c:

And thank you so much @Herobrine for making all the UFO decals and textures and helping with the UFO décor

Citrus Homeworld

Citrus Homeworld

Inside the UFO

Holding bay

In the vent in the holding bay


Phenomenal job. I hope you get first place! Well deserved.

(I’ll settle for third…)

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Here’s my submission




We have a CURSED submission. In honor of Halloween and The Shibuya Incident which occurred on October 31st, 2018 in the manga and anime Jujutsu Kaisen, we felt a Jujutsu themed submission was needed!





Hello everyone, the name of my condo is Sanguinem Luna. It’s been over a year in the making and like any good assignment I’m turning it in last minute. With 8k objects with only 1 workshop item; I’ve put countless hours into designing and detailing my castle.
I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

Video Showcase

Starting with the thumbnail

The Grand Library

The Main Connecting Chamber

The Secondary Connecting Chamber

The Theatre

The Main Dungeon

The Thaumaturgy Chamber

The Central Courtyard

The Alchemical Lab



If all I get from this contest is the ability to extend an invitation to explore my mystery mansion to you specifically, Vito Skeletino, then entering will have been worth it.

Add me on Steam and clear an afternoon on your schedule, and I’ll host the condo.

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Greetings! I present to you my condo to participate in the 2023 Halloween contest: Horror House ! This is a typical traveling funfair horror house, more specifically one of those that you could easily see at a German fair. My steam profile is [Steam Community :: TheGreenKing ] and this is Horror House 2023 !

Lets start by saying that I made a video where I show all the details and important parts. It’s 13 minutes long, I know, but if you watch the video I’m sure at the end you’ll appreciate my entry much more; and you can always skip the bits you don’t like.

Here’s the video on youtube: https://youtu.be/Z7nuxYvSEoA

If you’re one of the screenshot gang then check them out below, but I’ll warn you:
Most of the props, both inside and outside, are A N I M A T E D. Exactly, we are talking about working animated animatronics in TU, made with a lot of effort and just as much I/O. it will be difficult to appreciate them only seeing the photos…

I built this funfair ride in 3 days (actually i started building 2 days ago) basically this build as well as the city around it were made entirely for the contest.

The horror house is of my invention, but the appearance of the parts that compose it are hyper-realistic and follow the models existing in real life, starting from the second floor mounted on a railing system directly on the trailer.

The horror house also requires the purchase of a ticket at the ticket booth and… drumroll it uses a currency exclusive to the server!
Basically you will have to get a coin and give it to me, who in exchange will give you a ticket to enter. The ticket will have to go through a turnstile before giving you access. You can see how it works in the video above!

I also warn you that both here and in the video I will not post footage of the interior, so as not to give spoilers: to see the interior, come and try it in game! (you can find the opening dates at the end of this post)

To see the thunder system, the shutter system, all the animatronics and animated lights and soundboards I suggest you watch this damn video :joy:

I was just about to forget: did you know I made a video about it? here it is https://youtu.be/Z7nuxYvSEoA :rofl:

OPENING DATES: Come see the interior for yourself on these dates:
29 October 2023
30 October 2023
31 October 2023
If everything goes as planned i will host the server 24H

(and i may open on other days if you like this project a lot!)

Thanks for the attention!


Welcome to Halloween! <3 BOO!


Awesome builds everyone! The submission period is over, and I will get the community vote out to you all soon. :jack_o_lantern:


Here is the link to the community vote: https://forms.gle/QdMcUqG9QUyRghnk6

It will be open until Monday, October 30th, 2023, at 11:59 PM CT.


Happy Halloween everyone! :jack_o_lantern::bat:

The results of the community vote are in!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the vote! There were 90 responses this time!

There was also a 2 way tie for 5th place, so both got the prize.

The winners of the community vote are:

1st place (2,000,000 Units) - @Baby_In_A_Pipe - The L I C H | Boss Fight

2nd place (1,000,000 Units) - @super-girly-gamer - Evil Cathedral

3rd place (750,000 Units) - @OuTSMoKE - Flashback Megaplex’s Fear Fest

4th place (500,000 Units) - @Skiimore - Sanguinem Luna

5th place (TIE) (300,000 Units) - @princesspixi


5th place (TIE) (300,000 Units) - @acidicjester (Vito Skeletino) - The Trial of Myrkul

Thank you all so much for participating in the contest and vote. There were lots of really great entries this time!

Units should be distributed to all participants later today! Participants who didn’t place will get 175,000 Units.

And keep an eye out for the next contests! We’ll be doing another art contest as well as starting the next Condo Contest submission period soon.


Congratulations to the winners!
Amazing entries this year~


CONGRATS EVERYONE & HAPPY HALLOWEEN :black_heart: :black_heart:

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