Halloween 2020 (


Halloween Plaza 2020

The plaza is decked out for another spooky Halloween event!
Enjoy the haunted festivities by collecting remains, finding bones, and unlocking various Halloween exclusive items. Be sure to check out the Ghoulcery, because it is back again with new items for you to spend your Ghoul Coins on. And, if you search the coast line, you’ll see that a maze has once again surfaced to be explored!

New Additions!

The unknown can be one of the scariest concepts in existence, so we’ve once again added several new additions to the Halloween Plaza for you to explore this Halloween!

Halloween Achievements

We’ve added lots of new Halloween-exclusive achievements this year. Participate in new quests and scavenger hunts throughout the plaza to earn them, and be sure to check them out in your collection book, too!

Halloween EXP & Milestones

This year you can earn Halloween EXP for participating in Halloween events such as Halloween minigames, collecting candy or remains, completing Halloween achievements, and completing Halloween quests!

As you increase your Halloween EXP, you can unlock Halloween milestones such as throwable blood wine and a drivable Minecart!

Return of the Ghoul Coins

While playing games in Tower Unite during this year’s Halloween event, you’ll earn Ghoul Coins. These coins can be redeemed in the Plaza for Halloween items. You can earn them by playing Plaza minigames or Game Worlds. This year you can earn Ghoul Coins at the Arcade and through Fishing!

Halloween Minigames

The Plaza minigames have not been left out of the Halloween fun. Participate in the Ghost Hunting and Pumpkin Smash minigames on the Event platform, and you uncover a lot of pumpkins along the way!

New Lighthouse and Sea Store

Kalleira has a newly designed store in the lighthouse, which has been updated to fit the revamped art in the rest of the plaza! On your way around the Boardwalk to the lighthouse area, you can also stop by the new By the Sea Shore Store, which has been given its own location in an enchanting cave.

Virus & Zombie Massacre FX and Art Revamp

Both Gasoline and Compound have been fully revamped and polished with more detailed storefronts and ambience, among other fixes. We also polished all the Virus weapon effects, adding in new tracer effects, decals and hit sounds.

Lots of New Items

  • Added new Halloween milestones: Minecart, Halloween Jetpack, Skeleton Friend, Throwable Blood Wine

  • Added to the Ghoulcery store: Witch Witch Hat, Witch Plushy, Ant Head, Robot Box, Bat Hat, Candy Corn Plushy, Bat Plushy, Orbiting Moon, Fly Head, Bat, Crow, Eyeball Stalk, Haunted Catsack

  • Available only from Halloween events: Candy Cane, Candy Bar, Candy Corn, Blue Cake Pop, Pink Cake Pop, Mint Cake Pop, Chocolate Milk, Cinnamon Stick, Gummie, Hot Chocolate, Ice Cream, Pumpkin Pie, Blue Rock Candy, Green Rock Candy, Pink Rock Candy, Waffle Cone, Peppermint Lollipop, Gem Pop, Round Lollipop, Flat Lollipop, Aesthetic Chips

  • Added to the D.I.Y. store: Canvas Teleporter, Portal

  • Added to the Celebrations store: Pumpkin Clock Necklace, Gold Pumpkin Clock, Coffin, Pumpkin Pool Tube, Pumpkin Clock, Pumpkin Sofa, Pumpkin Bed, Pumpkin Table, Candy Apple, Ghost Light, Haunted Piano, Haunted Paint, Transdimensional Painting

  • Added to the Sweet Suite store: Pillow 2


  • Plaza Update (Lighthouse Area Update)
  • Plaza: New Lighthouse
  • Plaza: New Sea Store
  • Plaza: Improved lighting
  • Plaza: Updated Typing Derby look
  • Plaza: Improved windows effects on the main tower
  • Plaza: Cleaned up geometry and optimized
  • Virus Weapon FX polishing Pass
  • Virus: New weapon tracer effects
  • Virus: Improved muzzle flashes
  • Virus: Added decals & hit sound effects
  • Zombie Massacre FX polishing pass
  • Zombie Massacre: Gasoline art revamped
  • Zombie Massacre: Compound art revamped
  • Added quick map key bind (M by default) to quickly open and view the Plaza map and fast travel system
  • Virus & Zombie Massacre: Improved damage hit notes
  • Virus: Increased damage of Sci-fi Handgun from 17 to 27
  • Little Crusaders: New Ghost model
  • Zombie Massacre: Tweaked Scientist combo power to be better
  • Zombie Massacre: Added trajectory aimer to Grenade Launcher and Explosive Flasks, so you can adjust where you want the grenades/flasks to land at
  • Zombie Massacre: Reduced delay of explosive environmental props from 1.5 seconds to .5 seconds
  • Added new condo materials: Lava, Lava 2, Slime, Chocolate, Blood, and Cosmic
  • Increased amount of rows shown in inventory hot bar to from 2 to 3
  • Inventory: Added more advanced item rotation settings
  • Inventory: Added item snapping slots to the glass wall item

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inventory not showing up while in Plaza
  • Fixed item rotation resetting when dragging already placed items
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed Gold Melon item being really bright
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed Tesla Zap and Transplant particles glowing really bright in Compound
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed spider boss acid stacking vertically
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed spider boss acid not always following the spider properly, leading to the acid not spawning in correct places, making the acid not really a challenge. Now it’s a challenge
  • Fixed treasure items spawning in bad places sometimes
  • Fixed item snapping slots stretching on stretched items
  • Fixed blood/vomit decals not showing up due to a bad setting parameter

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Time to farm some spooky nickles!

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What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets. But enough talk, have at you!




Another great update!
Looking forward to join the events!

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