Graphics issues

I have a intel i5-6400 @ 2.70GHz 2.71GHz for the CPU

And the GPU is a Nvidia GTX 1060

I have around 60+ fps when the game is at lowest settings at 30 resolution scale but medium ish is pretty low fps.

I feel like my GPU isn’t working right and is using intel graphics. I need help!

Boot into your motherboard BIOS and disable Intel HD Graphics



But how do I get to that?

Try pressing F12 while your computer is starting up, it usually says what key you have to press to access the bios when it’s starting up.


It varies from mobo to mobo. Typically F8, F12, or Delete. It will say on the splash screen when you boot up, but it might be quick depending on your hardware.

That makes no sense, I’ve got the same processor running at a slower speed, with a 1050ti OC, I don’t get why you are having issues. It must be something with your PC, because mine runs it at ultra at 40-60 fps.