GMT Gamemode Hate Thread

This is just a thread to put any hate towrads any gamemode on GMT. (Mostly just for me to get my hate out on virus…)

So… I hate GMT virus for two simple facts: #1, Milestone 3. #2, Unbalanced as hug.
I swear, I think Virus is more broken and unfair then UCH.
I can’t say enough how many times people camp, its insanely unfair.


Thats all, have a nice day folks, feel free to post more hate/opinions in the replies!
(P.S. I know they are fixing most of this in TU, but still, I. WANT. MILESTONE. 3.)


Then get better at the game, son.

I would, but virus is reeeeaaaally unbalanced…

That’s no excuse. Plenty of other people the have the achievement.

Well than why can’t i get it after 937 hours of playing GMT?

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Cause your bad at it? I dunno.


Well the point is, i’m trying to get better, and have had no luck.

I both like and dislike PVP battle. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like every time I’ve played it recently subway is the only map chosen, and everyone only uses the shotgun.

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The shotgun seems to be a prevailing problem in many GMT game modes.

I don’t think I personally hate any of the games, I just have a really bad habit of raging while playing. Virus and UCH were always the worst offenders to me, despite them both being my favorite games.

While I will admit that some gamemodes are tricky, a challenge is great to some people. These achievements are just that… For you to achieve greatness, you have to go through the motions time and time again. As shia lebouf once said," JUST DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT!!!"

the gamemode i hate/neverreallyplayed is MiniGolf
and ik almost like half of the people who donated probably want minigolf then pvp
plz do not rage but minigolf was never really my thing… my favs were pretty much every other gamemode…

The embedded links seem to be in order.

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Eh… I have to say I am guilty of both. :sweat_smile:

There are a few reasons to both. The shotgun is really just used frequently due to how it does the most damage per splash than other weapons (also depending of distance). As for the subway, I agree that playing the same map after a while gets boring, but at the same time, it’s one of the most balanced maps (instead of frostbyte where you have to walk half the map to find the enemy.

I hate minigolf because I hate real golf and it’s mini variants, and because of relatives being smarmy gloaty assfaces during every game. I also nearly had heat stroke playing a real game of golf, and the most obvious, I suck at golf.

I just hate the Racing Cars. No controller support + lag = No fun at all

The Source Karts? Yeah, although that’s probably more of incompatibility issues. The drifting doesn’t work that well but I guess that in Unite it will be a much more fluid mode.

Alright, I’ve never quite said why I hate PVP battle so much, but I’ll try to make everything as clear as I can.

Let’s start with the basics: Movement. What the hell? Why are all players allowed unlimited sprint? And why hasn’t movement been slowed down at least a little bit? Default speed in PVP feels like I’m actually using a powerup to make me run faster, but nope, it’s apparently normal. There’s an award based on getting a certain number of headshots, when I’ve yet to even land one because I’m trying to hit a player sprinting at max speed while they zig-zag toward me with a shotgun (the only weapon that’s ever used, or worth using.) is near impossible. The handguns are laughably bad, almost as much as all of the melee weapons. Low ammo, low damage, long reload, it’s the worst of everything. The only time a melee weapon gets used is the chainsaw, in which case most people just chuck the fucker across the map randomly and hope it hits someone. The “patriot” gun once took 30 shots to kill someone, and that’s with all of them having hit the chest and midsection. I haven’t used it since. Why are the achievements so ridiculous? 10 kills without dying? I’ve rarely ever seen a player get more than 8 kills in a game, let alone without dying. Do we really need double jumps? I can understand on the Mirror’s Edge map, but why turn everyone into the Scout from TF2? Maxed movement speed and double jumps, give me a break. That’s another thing, everyone moving so fast is horrible for players with higher ping, because the red hit numbers that show how much damage you’ve done to your opponent are always false. I’ve shot an enemy with the sniper rifle before and seen it say “-50 HP.” I shot him again and saw another “-50 HP”. Wait a second, doesn’t everyone only have 100 HP? Why can I shoot people and get “-25, -40, -60, -120” and upwards, when anything over -100 should kill them instantly? Let’s talk about the shotguns, the only thing worth using. More specifically, the Spas 12. It’s incredibly awkward to use because you have to click to reload it, which usually results in me racking the slide after I’ve reloaded instead of firing at an enemy. There’s a massive delay with the M1 Garand despite it being semi-automatic. You’d think it’d fire every time you pull the trigger, but it seems to only happen every second or third click. The stealth box? Don’t bother. By the time you crouch and are hidden, someone else has already seen you and is launching several grenades and throwing chainsaws in your direction. Why so many achievements for such a broken game? Why can’t we have more maps for source karts and less achievements for PVP battle? I’d make that trade-off any day. Only 3 maps ever get played over and over and over again, there’s never any variety. Just like the fucking club in UCH. I hate that map. It’s so badly designed and cramped, yet everyone plays it. Why are powerups so rare, anyways? I think I’ve only ever picked up two of them in the history of playing tower. One of them played the “Shaft” theme and made me invincible, the other played “Take on me” and increased my speed. I haven’t gotten any kills with them. Why does only one spawn per game? I can never, ever find powerups. It blows my mind that so many people play such a buggy, miserable, unbalanced gamemode.


Virus just gets boring after a short while tbh, I’d rather play something different than an FPS when I go on GMT.