Gmod Tower Veteran Trophies?

Hey everyone! So I’ve played Gmod Tower quite a long time ago and decided to finally purchase Tower Unite. I’ve been enjoying it a lot with my friends these past few nights!

Something I noticed is that, one of my friends who played Gmod Tower with me back in the day received legacy Trophies to show they played Gmod Tower. I never received these and was wondering if there’s something I need to do to make that happen?

I already transferred my GMC and items into Units. Otherwise I’m not sure what to do.

Thanks for the help!

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You can transfer your Gmod Tower profile to Tower Unite. I don’t recall if it gives you any special items, but I know that it converts + transfers your GMC to Units. Either way, it’s worth doing. Some of the trophies, however, are backer items which were available by pledging to the Kickstarter/IndieGogo.

Edit: I can’t read, apparently. Whoops.

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Thanks for the reply! I did mention that I’ve completed this already. It was a fantastic boost to start the game with!

My friend mentioned that he kind of just had them. I read somewhere that there are also “Gmod Tower Participation Trophies” which is what I assume he has. It’s kind of confusing me, Haha!

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Well, the next thing that comes to mind would be legacy donor items. If you donated at least $15 when Gmod Tower was still accepting donations, there’s also items for doing so.

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What are the items for being a legacy donor? I donated way back when I played GMOD Tower but I don’t recall getting any items in Tower Unite.

I never got around to donating, but my friend never donated either. We both just played Gmod tower a lot in the past. The difference between us now is that he has something to show for it, and I don’t.

In the end, I’m okay with never receiving them. I’m just more curious about the prerequisites / inconsistencies if there are any and what I could do to receive them.

you should have gotten the trophies
i never played enough hours on my main account to claim units from my items but i still got them, you should have gotten them, unless something changed so no one can get them anymore, i think i heard people who should have gotten them no getting them, so either its an issue, or people cant get them anymore?

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I’d say send a message to the devs through the forums or the TU Discord, they should have the ability to check if your account is eligible. If so, to also give you the items. Rarely, but sometimes, things need to be fixed on a per-player basis. You may have just run into a network problem while trying to transfer your GMT profile.


Thanks for the thoughts, both of you! I’ll get in touch with one of the Devs as mentioned and see if there’s anything that can be done.

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