Gmod Tower Transfer

Hi, I remember i used to go to Gmod Tower (back in 2016) U can check the steam account I have (almost 10 years) and I can provide proof i bought gmod back in 2011-2012 , i have tried to do a transfer, but it doesn’t work, and site is also down, please help? Thanks! :confused:

Basically the website used for the GModTower transfers, is being transferred to a different host.


Any idea when this will be resolved?
I finally got into Tower Unite yesterday and I would love to transfer stuffs from my old Gmod Tower account :confused:

You can’t transfer any of your items. You just get Units for all the stuff you had.

No sh*t, I used “stuffs” as a simplification instead of writing currency, trophies, achievements etc.
I was fishing for a useful answer, not a pretentious correction.

There’s no need to be rude.

The tool is down pending a server transfer, of which we do not have an ETA as it’s not high priority.

That being said I plan on taking a look into it next week.


Well, my response got deleted but Caboose is right anyway. I shouldn’t stoop to your level.




And what’s that supposed to mean? Trust me, I wanted nothing more than to ream you out but the second I hit reply, I saw the post exist for half a second and then vanish. There’s probably an automod on here that deleted it for being too aggressive or something

Hey there, I have just purchased tower unite and I am trying to transfer my account too, it would be great if the transfer could be enabled again.
In the meantime, can I still transfer if I start playing on tower unite already, or does it only work if you have not played TU before?