Gmod Tower Lobby 1 Skin

In tower unite a skin you can select to make game look like lobby 1 but it’s just a skin so you can still see other players in the game even if they don’t use the skin

Because TU will have Workshop, someone will likely remake the Lobby One map for custom servers, but because the map relied on HL2 and CS:S content, it wouldn’t be easy to port. They also said the Lobby One could return as an easter egg.

Continuing the discussion from Tower Unite Idea! Lobby 1 returns in a different form:

I think the most popular way I found that people want it back is in a kind of decrepit and overgrown version as an easteregg. Kind of like the labs during the first part of Portal 2.


@DrDoctor that would be sick. Crawl into a corner of the map and see a glimpse of lobby 1 some where in tower unite

It would be pretty interesting to have a recreation of at least the main areas of lobby 1 as an Easter egg, like making it accessible by an elevator that connects to where the old dev hq elevator used to be

I think the best way to reach it would be an old teleporter hidden on one of the new islands we have to explore. I also am still hoping for the overgrown lobby 1 idea to be the winning one. Would be less boring than lobby 1 normal.