Giving the players a reason to move around the map

Pretty much title. I’ve noticed that whenever groups of players are forced to move around to different parts of the map, it ends up with a much more challenging but rewarding gameplay experience, usually because they have to move out of their predetermined camping spots and move through different zombie spawns.

For example, in Village, there is not much reason to leave the little fountain/road part you spawn in besides moving to the helicopter. Tons of cool different paths and spots end up going unused.

Whether it be through encouragement, (supplies, extra points, more weapons etc.) or through force (eg. more zombies spawn if you stand in a place for long enough), I would definitely like to see this happen somehow. (If anyone has any deeper suggestions I would absolutely love to hear them)

I think it would be cool if there was some objective you had to do to finish a round (or just get more points), like having to give the car in Gasoline fuel or starting up one of the trains in Trainyard.


would be certainly unique on certain maps, tho im hoping it wouldn’t be like copy & paste objectives like how Tripwire did with Killing floor 2’s “”“Objective mode”""

it was a disappointment :scream_cat:


Little health pickups that give like 20 health that spawn around the map at random would be a good incentive to move around.


Sub-objectives have been planned for awhile now. I wanted them to be a thing ready for Village’s release, but they need more work.


sigh this post wasn’t here when I started typing out my big overhaul idea I sat on for 2 days. I included all these suggestions but I guess it’s too wordy to read :frowning: