ZM point system revamp

Some zombie massacre ideas for a possible revamped system. (one of many I know). I do like ZM I mean no disrespect. In fact the addition of new extra enemies inspired this quite a bit because it made it harder in the right way and I found I liked ZM a lot more. I realize I’m suppose to put each suggestion in it’s own thread, but most ideas I have are dependent on the others (which means it may not just work out in the end I realize whomp whomp ah well).

The revamp ideas is mostly based around point system overhaul. First things first, how we earn them.

–A big “fix” imo is the idea of splitting points from mid-match quitters. Doesn’t have to be the full amount, could be percentages, or just an overall bonus for the rest of the players. It gives incentive for people to stick it thru as well as not punishing the group for people who absorbed all the kills and then DC’ed. Adding bonuses for number of people in the group could help as well.
–Also an addition of bonus rounds to farm for points. Could be a side scrolling shooting alley style game, or shooting zombies with melon heads. I’m not sure. This could be triggered if a % of players have quit (instead of just distributing points like the above idea).
–Ability to retain at least some points on lost levels. Or even the ability to re-distribute points in between levels. Or after x amount of fails you get some boost, even as far as AI support.
–Modifying how many points are awarded as well. For example… Zombie killed by your special abilities: 50 points. Zombie killed by gun: 75 points.

I know what you’re thinking. Yikes that’s a lot of points. But this is intentional. Add some more things to spend them on besides class abilities.

Some of this goes around the idea of the helicopter pilot promoted to AI MVP. Instead of waiting for his/her arrival, they’re waiting for us to clear out an area. In the meantime they’re dropping us supplies. Gives people incentive to move around the map as well. It could cost us points to call for them, as well as forcing us to move to a place to call them from.

Ideas to spend X points to/on:

-Skip levels (except boss). Feeling confident? Spend your upgrade ability to skip round 4 and see if it pays off in the end.
-Bonus weapons. Grenades. Tanks. Weapon drop. Turrets. Other TU cameos (LC dragon eats everything in path).
-Extra ammo. Damage boosts. Shields. Food for health. Extra Lives. Special ability CD reduction.
-Keep the weapons you have in-between rounds (refilled at the start).
-Weaker Enemies (and score). Tougher Enemies (and score).
-Weapon and Game Conditions: No melee/Only melee/No special abilities/No resurrections/First Person views/x2 Game speed.

Other random ideas as well include:

-Giving bosses/zombies the ability to stun, confuse, other statuses.
-Having difficulty independent of the map.
-Having conditions needing to be met on the map instead of time based situations, or both (level conditions could also be for perks like bonus damage, etc).
-Places to ‘check in’ instead of having round breaks.

I know this is all over the place, I’m sorry… but you should see the post it notes I left for myself at 4am after grinding the game for ghoul coins for 8 hours. This post reads like (sophisticated novel) in comparison. Again, I’m not expecting anything just sharing ideas, very happy with the game regardless. Keep up the great work :slight_smile: