Ghosting Players - Moderation Method Suggestion

I think I made this suggestion a while ago on discord and it somehow slipped through the cracks so I will make it again.

Since constant plaza moderation is possibly not something we can have and blocking don’t help stop stalking and prolonged harassment I believe there is a simple solution for that.

That solution is ghosting players.
It will work on client side for both parties, blocker and blocked player.

It will apply the following actions:
*Blocked and blocker players will be invisible to each other
*Blocked and blocker players will not be able to see each other weapons and other plaza tools excluding multiplayer plaza activities such as bowling, laser tag, minigames(only score is visible) and such - reason for the multiplayer plaza activities is because by logic you can’t make players invisible to each other for example in laser tag, or bowling if they end up in the same game but it should still help avoid blocked player from reaching the same lane as the blocker in bowling(Players can also note they ended up in the same lane and just leave the game)
*Blocked and blocker will not see each other condos if both made public excluding public gamemodes world(to prevent abuse and boycott from other players)
*Blocked and blocker players will not be able to see each other names in the queue window of the nightclub or/and other media player screens in the plaza to prevent abuse of skipping on purpose

It should work both way, because in fact if the blocked player can still see you they will still be able to stalk you and humiliate you in front of other players(and nobody wants that).

Its only fair that we will have a system like this only because moderation isn’t always instant and cyber bullying needs to stop.
We should still keep the report feature so we can prevent the same players abusing and bullying other people in the future and maybe put some sense in their heads that what they’re doing is wrong but “Ghosting” is 100% in my opinion a must have feature and super QoL.

Please share feedback and add more suggestion if you have any and vote what you think about it
and ty:)

Player ghosting was added in Hot Fix

  • When you have a player blocked, they will no longer visually display for you in Plaza or Condos. All their weapon sounds and FX will also be muted just for you. (unless they are in Laser Tag or Minigames with you)

In that case it doesn’t work for me.
I remember I saw that on trello and checked today only to see it disappeared.
Another thing I thought is that the ghosting they originally added on trello was the arcade thingy when people blocked your screen hence when I tested it on a friend it didn’t ghost them.

Either way it should work for both sides, if a player blocked another player the blocked will not be able to see them so they can’t humiliate them.

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I don’t think the activity ghosting system is supposed to work on friends, but I could be wrong.

You wouldn’t know about it if you can’t see or hear them, so I don’t see the issue here.

Not sure about the humiliation thing- but I agree that if you have someone blocked they shouldn’t be able to see chat messages you send.

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Humiliation still happens unfortunately, I’ve been talking to another player yesterday that a group of players humiliated them even after being blocked.
This isn’t really fair and it should still do the same trick for both parties if we want everyone to be happy.
New players will have to deal with cyberbullying the same way and eventually leave the moment they see blocking a player doesn’t help stop the harassment.

If we block another player we wouldn’t want them to see us as well, to see our chat messages, to see what we queued in the plaza media players(or see our names, because they abuse the skip feature to troll us and bypass the block).
And of course as I stated above it shouldn’t work in public plaza activities to prevent boycott or other problems, but if the blocked can’t see their blocker and their locations they can’t follow them around and continue harassing them so it will still work.

I’ve tested it and it works but it needs to be a little bit more improved and get more focus.
Please Pixel if you see this give feedback on your thoughts of my suggestion.

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