Getting Kicked out of Server after AFK


Hey guys,

I was sitting on the slots last night, and ended up falling asleep and going AFK.
For some reason now, whenever I login to the server and sit at the slot machines, as soon as I go to pull the lever or press space to roll the wheels, I get kicked straight out to the main menu. I’ve gone in a number of times and the same thing happens. Is there a way for me to reset the AFK timer because I can’t even go into the casino anymore :(. I’ve tried a number of times by reconnecting and going back in, but the same thing happens.
Any help is appreciated.



did you use any sort of macro when going afk?



No Macro, I literally fell asleep while I was sat at the machine



when you came back, were you kicked from the machine?



I was kicked off the server. I had a message saying “Connection to server has been lost” which I assumed was just because I was AFK for so long. When I came back in the morning, I go to sit at a machine, went to pull the leaver and was told that I failed the keypress and it put me back into the subway (Even though I didn’t receive a prompt to perform said keypress) and then when I went back into the casino and sat down at a machine, I press space and then got booted to the main menu.
This happens everytime I sit at a machine.



this gets fixed with a server restart iirc