Get backer items

Maybe you could do a new Indiegogo or make some way to get the backer items because it’s getting annoying when people brag about being a backer and run around you with their speed shoes and headphones while making everything gold and yelling “LOOK AT MY NAME LOOK ITS IN THE PLAZA WHERES YOURS HUH HUH?” I know you cant do anything about the people but can you make someway for me or someone else to get these items? maybe in a secret shop with insane prices or codes for them.

This was answered by a community member in a recent post.

Backer items will never be available to the public/new players in the future. They were items created solely for backers of our Indiegogo, which kickstarted and made Tower Unite a reality. These backers are part of the reason we have Tower Unite today, so they have all the right to brag. We spent a portion of the funds to develop the backer items for them exclusively.

We do have plans to have a speed shoe equivalent, but it will not look the same.


Thank you so much for this.


I feel like forum topics like this should be deleted on sight, why the hell would they make the backer items available again? That wouldn’t be fair to those who donated in the first place.

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Deleting these threads on sight wouldn’t let us explain why the items won’t return. A question is asked because someone wants to know something, and even if it has already been asked/suggested before that doesn’t make the drive for knowledge any less valuable (though it would be nice if more people used the handy search function). Besides, if I asked a question or made a suggestion and came back to find that not only was it not answered/corrected but that it was erased from the records, I’d be pretty pissed at the mods.


I get what you mean, I was kinda annoyed by various other things when I made my last post and thus I didn’t really think about what I was saying, but I still feel like the answer to the question should be pretty obvious.

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Deleting topics just because of the stance they take towards backer stuff would get a bit too close to censhorship for my liking.
I do think making backer items not backer-only is unreasonable, however.

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tell them to get a life and that it doesn’t give them a larger dick because they backed, it just gives them larger velocity and cool headphones, along with other stuff that may or may not be cool. Sure they helped develop the game, which is great, but there’s a difference between investing money (only takes money and zero work) and doing the work to make the game happen. Without the devs, the amount of backers and pledged money would make no difference.

Backer items won’t be available anymore, but similar alternatives will be made eventually. Backer items was also the absolutely last time pixeltail offered exclusive items, according to what mac posted on this forum two years ago, so expect it to stay like that.


What I think we should be able to get are lower graded items, for example a stone watch or bronze watch, and as previously stated a different not as fast speed boots.

They’ve confirmed that they’ll be making speed boots for the general public but they’ll look different. I imagine we might possibly get other vanities but those ones aren’t as important as the shoes in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

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So, if you have backer items it’s just bragging rights.

That’s not the main purpose, but it’s definitely one of reasons, is it not?

The backer items were items made for backers only. They are items that backers could show off to people to prove they backed the game. Of course, the items are also visually appealing (and in some cases actual useful).

They backed a project they care about at a time the project needed their help and received unique things from doing that.


No offense, but if somebody is really bragging about how they were able to get backer items, then I really start to question about that guys mentality.

It’s definitely a questionable thing to do, but I can’t say they don’t have the right to do so.

Okay, I know this really has nothing to do with the discussion, but making money takes zero work? What kind of person gets money for free? If you’re not the one working hard for the money, someone else is. But maybe you just don’t understand that because you live off of your parents. OOH R0ASTED!!!
:fire: :joy_cat: :fire: (I’m so sorry)

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It’s called interest and banking you will learn about when you stop living off of your parents.

Actually, interest banking requires you to already have a substantial amount of money (work) and then give away that money to be partially restricted from you. Plus, interest has gone down to shit in recent years so what’s the point if you’re not an actual millionaire?


bro i never said that, the “zero work” I said earlier was associated with the game’s development. I know that you work whatever to get money, but you didn’t participate in this game’s development, but rather the financing of it.

So to sum up (no idea if I had to say this): I did not say “getting money takes no work”, I said backing the game didn’t take any work, only money, but it took you work to get the money to back the game with.

also i should stop being so ridiculously edgy in my posts, guess i will never be a poster who isn’t shit in some form

Yeah, you certainly do have quite a few points in that (especially the shitposting part), BUTT we backers did test the alpha for bugs, so in that sense we did, in a way, help develop the game. Ya know the quote from Elliot in Mr. Robot “Debugging is actually all about finding the bug. About understanding why the bug was there to begin with. About knowing that it’s existence was no accident.” Not trying to start an argument or be right, just helping you have a change of mind for the brave people who sacrificed their hard earned sea dollars for the greater good of TU. The ones who allowed the devs to eat food AND do what they love! The ones who found the bugs so you don’t have to.

Not trying to CUM off as a dick… Oh wait.

You do realize the TU is still in Early Access, right? We’re all testing the game for bugs. That’s the point of early access. We’re all helping to develop the game. The private alpha was just so we could get a headstart.