Generic Steam Failure when trying to upload Workshop Condo

This has been quite a problem when trying to upload big condos to the workshop. I go through the process of uploading the condo as usual, however, I get met with an error stating Generic Steam Failure whenever I press the upload button. The condo I am trying to upload is 74Mb , so I am wondering if it is a file size issue because I’ve uploaded condos recently with no such error. I’ve researched this to no avail, turned off firewall and other software incase that was blocking it, again to no avail.
Should Also mention that I’ve upload a 97mb Condo in the past, expanded on it (now around 124mb) and get the same error when I try to update it to the workshop.
I’d like some sort of confirmation on this matter.

What I expected to happen

The Condo to be uploaded

What happened

The Condo did not Upload

Notes / Media

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Try uploading any other condo, even an empty one, and see if it works. I had very similar frustrations not too long ago and the problem was that Steam can simply suck for an extended amount of time, even days.

I’ve uploaded another condo like you said, and it successfully uploaded with no errors. I went back to test on the main condo I am trying to upload and I’m still met with the same error.