General Nitpicking Thread

I tried the First Person Legs and I have to nitpick about the player model’s head still present after experiment.

A few years ago Carpet, Theater Carpet, and Garnish Carpet Neon Floor had their normal maps changed to the same one that Nightclub Fabric uses, but I’ve always felt it didn’t fit these materials at all, and it can kind of drown out the detail of their image textures when light shines on them at harsh angles.

If there aren’t unique normal maps for these textures unused in the files, I think there are more fitting ones to reuse for them:

  • Arcade Carpet 2’s normals for Theater Carpet and Garnish Carpet Neon Floor
  • Carpet Basic’s normals for Carpet

On a related note, there’s a few carpet textures that don’t seem to have normal maps at all (or if they do, they’re very subtle), which causes them to look weirdly flat in brightly lit settings.

If there aren’t unused normals for any of these, it would be nice if they were given normals from other textures:

  • Arcade Carpet 2’s normals for Cabin Carpet, Town Carpet, Celebrations Stripe Run Pattern, and Highrise Carpet Floor 1, 2, and 3
  • Rotten Carpet’s normals for Bowling Carpet
  • Carpet Flat’s normals for Arcade Carpet

Lastly, on an unrelated-to-normal-maps, but still carpet-related note, the name of Garnish Carpet Neon Floor has always bothered me. “Garnish” is almost definitely a typo of “Garish”, “Neon” should probably be listed before “Carpet”, and including “Floor” in the name feels kind of redundant.

If it was renamed to “Garish Neon Carpet” I would finally be able to sleep at night.


I’ve actually been doing a lot of this behind the scenes for the next update. I’ve been working on porting most of the Condo materials to the same Base and have added normal and detail maps to a lot of materials that were missing them (especially carpets).

I’ve also been doing some reorganisation and renaming as well (get ready for the Metal category to finally exist) to try and make things more consistent for players.


The volleyball net item is located in the Toy Stop, but the volleyball itself isn’t. It’s in the Oasis.

Shouldn’t the two reside in the same shop together like the other sport balls and their respective equipment?

I have two tiny things that don’t necessarily need fixing.

  1. The water effect when a ball falls in at minigolf goes outside of the body of water:

  2. The achievements in the collection book regarding minigolf seem to sometimes have a different order. Usually playing through the map is the first achievement, but for Island and Mushroom World it’s further below or the last.


Some condos like House and Suite do not have options for preset doors.

Annoying if you’re the type of person likes to keep doors open/close


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We plan to get back to Condos again after SDNL, including replacing the doors with the new doors.

Fog controls is something I’m working on for the SDNL editor.

Also this post doesn’t really belong in this thread, it should be on its own suggestion thread.

We have plans to expand the EXP events, but we’re currently busy on a Game World and we don’t have the time or resources to expand it just yet. We have a lot of events planned though. We also have store sales in the works.

I don’t think we will have Trivia or Typing Derby weekends. They’re too small to feature for the entire weekend on their own, it would be more likely to be a Boardwalk event.

We add Trivia questions and Typing Derby prompts when we can.

It’s all in due time.


Do you live in a barn???


Uh what? If you think I like to keep doors open, no. I would like the option to actually auto close. Besides, what if there’s a theme that needs doors open?
Also, that’s kinda mean my guy.


do you keep every door in your home closed at all times? i think that’s real weird


Yes :triumph:


Loose balloons don’t pop when shot.



The “waiting for players” dialog (on any game world other than SDNL, likely) now has the player list weirdly offset to the right.

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The map description for Decommission is a bit weird. It reads:
Fight it out in this underground decommission center, make sure to avoid to sludge!

  • For one, I don’t think Decommission Centers are a thing, or at least this map definitely isn’t set in one. Going off of how Corrosion’s description describes the setting, “decommissioned waste-processing center” would probably be better.

    • (also, if you [the dev probably reading this] go with this, maybe axe the “underground” bit? “underground decommissioned waste-processing plant” is a bit of a mouthful.)
  • There’s a typo at the end of the sentence: “avoid to sludge!” rather than “avoid the sludge!”

  • Also this is being incredibly nitpicky, but a semicolon would fit better than a comma in this sentence since “make sure to avoid the sludge!” is an independent clause.

On the topic of odd map descriptions, Mushroom Wood seems to be using a placeholder description that was never finalized:
Through the Dark Mushroom Wood

Or maybe it’s a reference I don’t understand, idk.


We can customize everything on the snowglobe but not the snow of the ground (the snow means the igloo and the particles)

the condo hub should be halloween themed if it’s meant to be inside the tower.
right now it breaks the illusion and also it giving off a halloween feel during october would just keep you in the spirit of things.


This part of the readable book can’t be colored :frowning:


Inconsistent skelly boy models
Also, being unable to the edit colors of the two skull items