General Nitpicking Thread

You can use the Condo IO Size Volume instead. It’s in the Condo IO section of the condo inventory (at the bottom).

Can someone have a look at the LODs for the Dancing banana and plug the holes?

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The “Toast in Mouth” item clips through the lower lip rather than actually being placed in the mouth.


I think it’d still be nice to be able to choose when to change sizes by interacting with an item, can think of some cases where that’d be needed instead of a size volume. I figure with I/O we can enable/disable the volumes too as a workaround but would there be a way to have this only work for one player instead of everybody that enters the volume?

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For that you’d probs need to change the I/O menu a bit.
At least to me what comes to mind of something that works would funnily enough be Blockland’s event system, which lets you do all sorts of daft stuff, looks complicated but is rather quite simple.

Essentially follows the same formula we have now, just categorised a little better.
It also lets you make it so it targets the user that used something. Like setting the target of an event be the one that pushed the button. Would be my ideal endgame for I/O.


Most of the Tower Glove tools’ names end with er/or (Targeter, Locker, Quick Scaler, etc), but the Connection Tool doesn’t, even though it could be named the Connector to match the others.


Why is my office chair so… wet?

oh, my bad, oops

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So I have notice some weird things in achievement section in the collection book when it comes to the different gamemodes. Thought I post it here.

Zombie Massacre
Compound (Difficulty Hard), Gasoline (Difficulty Medium) and Trainyard (Difficulty Easy) All have Unit values for their achievements set at 1,500

Whilst Village, Acrophobia and Nightyard are all set to 10,000

Also Village’s Mastered Achievement has only a set unit value of 10,000. The rest of the maps are set at 25,000


First one is small, Desertion’s Plushy achievement has a unit value of 5,000. Every Map has 1,500.

Second one is also small. Overtime has Time captialized for some reason.

Finally The maps are inconsistent with how the achievements are layed out.
Catzek Temple and Corrosion have the plushy achievement at the top

But the rest of the maps don’t (not gonna paste them all)


The Conquered Achievement is all over the place
It’s either near the master achievement or its at the end.


Event Horizon






Not gonna post all of them but you get the point. It’s not consistent at all.


Before I get into my main nitpick, a weird one

Why is the albatross achievement worth less units than the eagle achievement?
Albatrosses are way harder to get than eagles.

Anyways. The Map completed, the map mastured and the map regular achievement are not correct for the maps Island and Mushroom Wood

For example here is kingdom

Its at the top and all nice looking.

Then we have Island

Its at the bottom.

Which isn’t that bad compared to Mushroom Wood

First picture shows that the previously mentioned achievements not at the top. But the first HIO 1 achievement isn’t their.

The second picture is where the it gets bad. The mentioned achievements are IN THE MIDDLE AFTER THE 5TH HIO ACHIEVEMENT The First HIO achievement is right after it, in which its followed by the 6th HIO achievement.

I feel out of everything I mention here. This one should get changed.

Anyways thats All the little issues that I can find for the achievement section for the gamemodes
Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.


The “Protect From Items (Leave Me Alone)” setting being switched on should come at the cost of not being able to mess with others yourself.
It seems silly that you can stop people from pushing you while you can still push them.


The collection book stills says “Shooting Gallery” instead of “Dark Voyage” for the main title.


The file size is too high for low-end devices, make HD textures optional.

The new tennis ball item doesn’t really act like a tennis ball at all; you can’t throw it very far, it doesn’t bounce, and it gets flung across the map if you run into it. It could probably just use the same physics as the arcade’s tiny bouncy ball item instead.

the easter egg plaza cat only appears when the camera is close to it, not the player.
this can make it hard to find and see if playing in third person or when using a large player model.
I think it may be better if it was based on the player position instead.

the smile ball in the arcade should be facing the player so they can actually see what it is, and should be aligned with the ball holder.

the projector in the dev hq seems to be facing the wrong way


Whether or not bullets and their tracers pass through fences is extremely inconsistent. Most fences allow bullet tracers to pass through, but only a few actually allow the bullets themselves to hit targets on the other side. The chain and barbed wire fences (excluding the gate version) and the queue line fences in particular don’t even allow the bullet tracers to pass through. The rope fence allows bullets and their tracers to pass through underneath the rope, but the similarly shaped velvet rope only allows the tracers. Some fences allow you to shoot from the bottom area of the fence, but not the center supports.


If you go with the flow on the lazy river, you’ll often get stuck on corners like this one. It’s harshing my vibes.


The new spawn point tag volume has a value of 500 units for some reason. It’s not sellable, so it doesn’t really matter, but all other condo i/o items have a value of 0 units.



“Diamond Glass” ambiguity

If you press space to respawn (which is what I do every time I die), when you respawn you’ll also jump. This has been bothering me for years but I never thought to mention it until just now


The workshop caching system.

When a workshop model or player model is cached Tower will use that cached version until manually deleted by the user.
This means when a workshop item is updated, some players encountering it for the first time will see the updated model, and those who have already downloaded it will only see the old version. One of my friends used a Halo ODST player model for years, but the new version looks glossy, lower fidelity and far worse over all. He had no idea others were seeing the “updated” model until I deleted my cache and told him.
This is especially frustrating for checking your own workshop updates to models as you have to find and delete the appropriate workshop ID cache every time to see the current version.

Also, when a workshop item has been deleted, a condo host may have no way of knowing this until a new person joins for the first time and decides to inform them. Most likely don’t. The same goes for canvas caching, and given there is no peer to peer downloads for cached images or workshop items, whole chunks of condos may be broken for new users with no way of knowing. I just spent a few hours the other day fixing a friend’s room where all but a few URLs in the gallery were broken.