Condo Suggestions/Bugs

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On a related note…

After SDNL, please can we get a QoL pass on Condos?

There are so many kinks that need to be ironed out and as one of the game’s primary pillars/ecosysyems (alongside Plaza and Game Worlds), and I feel it could greatly use some TLC.

The older maps need to be brought up to the same standard as newer maps, there are so many things wrong with older maps such as House and Resort which are largely not a problem in newer maps such as Courtyard.

Among these issues are:-

  • Some surfaces just straight up not being editable

  • Prebuilts that can’t be toggled or modified, these include things like doors, appliances, furniture, and bathroom fixtures in maps such as Resort, House, Suite, Condo, and Underwater

  • Questionable mapping choices such as the white box that encloses the secret room in Suite that is only accessible by vent duct

  • Awkward seams caused by modelling/mapping errors being present where the edges of a polygonal face do not meet where you expect them to (screenshots from a Resort suite)

    Turn one of the suite’s back walls invisible in Resort, and this is what you see

    Note the odd patch of red carpet between the kitchen counters in the space designated for a stove, which is too small for a stove (20K units) to fit at default scale

In addition to these, the netcode is inconsistent across all aspects of Condos and can to be a pain to work with. The addition of the IO system almost certainly did not help.

Among these issues are:-

  • Materials not fully loading in to full quality/appearing blurry unless you go to a specific location where it has been used

  • The open/closed state of the prebuilt doors in House desyncing between clients. So while a door may appear to be open, whether you can actually walk through the doorway or not is warranting of a Schrödinger’s Catsack experiment.

  • Item states. We can toggle collision on objects but not if something is hidden by default from the outset.

  • Item scale, rotation, and position rounding being inconsistent between the host and the client.

Issues with materials (Though Nuclearpotato is currently hard at work improving these):-

  • Glow slider not being applicable to certain materials

  • World Align toggle not being applicable to certain materials

  • Certain materials just straight up not being colourable

  • Normal Maps not being consistent on a material between World and Local aligned variants

Finally, plannet yet absent features (see Trello card Upcoming Changes in Ongoing Development:-

  • Can not adjust the fog colour

  • Can not adjust the intensity/brightness of the fog or the overall skylight, so when a map has been set to night time there is this unnatural blue tint on everything

  • Further permissions to allow/deny the use of certain items that may break a host’s intended design


I’d love if the prebuilt doors are actually optional in Connections like normal doors. Would speeds things up. instead of hoping you can toggle them off for said condo.

Also wish the auto doors would be better instead of relying on triggers to fix it.