General Nitpicking Thread

The issue with Two Sided is that we can’t toggle it off/on in real time. It has to be a new material we create. Which means, we’ll have to make a non-two sided material for each glass.

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I think four screenshots while playing laser tag, thus we have red vs yellow vs green vs purple, but never blue (slightly light blue?).

Trying to get that buried treasure, but I can’t reach it from a far distance.

No comment about cyberpunk RGB floor effect.

No spikes on his hands and chest?

Team Solar used to be blue (Aqua), but it was changed so that each team has a similar level of visibility in the arena:

It says Pumpkin Blast despite being Gingerbread Smash.

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Throwable Arcade Ball Milestone item is missing the glow that got added a while back in Arcade Phase 2. (I believe?)
Would be nice if it had the glow too, it looks fantastic.



To add to the glass complaining list, decals don’t work on glass! How are we gonna label our very dangerous potions now!?

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That’s unfortunately not fixable, translucent materials don’t have depth so decals don’t know how to render on them. It’s just not possible within the engine.

Canvas Theatre Frame uses the alternate spelling of theater. Every other item uses theater.


Setting all the RGB values to 255 on the default model’s skin tone doesn’t make them completely white like it should. A very obvious pink/beige hue remains due to it being the default colour used.

How it is:

How I wish it was:

This means you can’t be colourless, or even a slightly pale colour. You’re either default, darker default or highly saturated.

let a girl be monochrome pretty pretty please


The Toggle Condo IO item displays “O” when it’s turned on and “I” when it’s turned off. Should be the opposite.

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The workshop title/description window closes regardless of whether your upload succeeded or failed, which means that if your upload fails due to your thumbnail being too large, you have to retype the title/description all over again.

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idk if this should be considered a bug or just a nitpick, but the bokeh lens flare in the crossbow scope looks REALLY bad on really bright lights. The lights look great for atmosphere but from my sniper nests you can’t really see anything and it just looks messy.

EDIT: New Nitpick: Branches on the small tree don’t change color!

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