General Nitpicking Thread

There’s an extra ‘a’ in the Points payout description for Dark Voyage.


That’s just Mario talking.


(No video evidence for this sorry. I usually try to add it but I’m lazy and also the power’s out here)

There’s a big eyeball in the mansion part of Dark Voyage, at the top of the flesh arch at the entrance to the hallway with the collapsed roof, that has unique stats compared to the other eyeballs (5 hits and 20 points per hit, rather than 3 hits and 15 points per hit). However, there’s another comparably large eyeball in the final room of the saloon that just has the same stats as a normal eyeball.


dont know if this is a bug or if its already known as well, but its annoyed me for a really long time.

This happens because of the player fading system. The shader has some weirdness to it that causes the alpha mask for things to no longer function. It’s something we’re working on and is surprisingly harder than it seems because of how the shader works.

In the 1st floor bedroom of the House condo,
the alcove to the right has a stretched floor

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