Games Suggestion: Prop Hunt, Murder, TTT, Related Games

I would like to Suggest something like this. Something like Prop Hunt or Murder or TTT type of games would be cool to have on Tower Unite like they were part of Gmod. Just wondering if Creating anything close to them for Tower Unite would be possibility

Or you could just play Gmod.


Thats why gmod exists buddy

Still I’m sure it would be nice thing for Tower Unite as well. Besides It would be something that made Gmod popular

I don’t think we need “Trouble in toxic community” and “The gimmick gets stale after one round hunt” in TU.


These would be interesting to see. However, rather than community members making the gamemodes like in Gmod, in Tower Unite, the only people making gameworlds are the current developers. They have a small developer team, and they can only make so much with the time they have allotted.

What I would propose instead is to let the community members create these gamemodes themselves, perhaps in their condos when Dedicated Condos and Condo I/O are implemented. That will let the community contribute and add to the gameplay of the base game, through their condo servers, where they can’t harm the base game’s gameplay by means of giving players Units.

The value of the base game is preserved, and community creators can give their community and the base game’s community extra things to do!


Key words searched: prop hunt; murder; ttt

Please make sure what you are suggesting has not already been suggested before suggesting it.


I was in the middle of writing a meme response, but whatever.
Remaking popular Gmod gamemodes would IMO be a bad idea for several reasons:

a) People can and always did play them in Gmod, and there’d be zero reason for them to move onto TU (a 15$ game). The remade versions would quickly become a ghost town.

b) Even if they got remade in TU, the Gmod versions would receive a lot more care. I’m not saying the devs aren’t working hard enough or anything, but compared to a popular Gmod gamemode, a single part of TU receives a lot less attention (one new map every few months at best), meaning there’d be even less reason to play the remade gamemodes.

c) It’d take manpower and resources from other projects. I’d rather see the devs work on new, original content, rather than copying whatever’s popular and working perfectly fine elsewhere.


Would love to see Prop Hunt

The devs have more important things to work on than remaking gmod gamemodes. As it has been said, if you want them, then play GMod. No one would care about the TU remakes.

Every time this suggestion pops up again I quote the old GMT Suggestions FAQ because I feel like it still holds up.

The GMT forums are too invisible for me to quote from, but i still have the text here.

Add TTT / Deathrun / Other Generic Gamemode from CSS!

These games don’t fit the standards that we feel are necessary at GMTower. The rounds that are set up in these gamemodes are too long or unusual that we could implement it in the way we do with our current gamemodes. Not to mention that these gamemodes would have a substantial lack of maps since we don’t want to use other people’s work.


IMO, these mods can be added after the full releasing of the game.

Would love to see prop hunt getting added

no just no