Game World Suggestion Megathread

Post your ideas for a new game world here


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Just felt like it

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They do have a lot on their plates at the moment, but if I could…

I still still still think that a SSX Tricky gamemode would be absolutely stellar. It would fit perfectly with Tower’s aesthetic, being silly and fun and totally not realistic, and it’s some high-octane fun that everyone enjoyed as a child.

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Some sort of obstacle course based racing game would be a lot of fun. What comes to mind for me would be Gmod Deathrace, except minus the player controlling the traps. :new_moon_with_face:

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A rhythm based game mode. I know it will never come to be, but I still like the idea.

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Here is some ideas I had :

  • A gamemode like Deathrun in a way but in its own way
  • Something like Blood Bowl where its like american football but with death involved
  • Maybe a world where you can just surf (ideas from csgo etc)
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8 years ago but this needs to be brought back. Here’s my suggestion:
I have been thinking about an parkour style mode where maybe the floor is lava that is constantly rising up and you have to get as far up as you can, with the whole map being made out of blocks that change positions, rotate, move away from underneath you and such, kinda like bunny hop from Garry’s Mod but infinitely going upwards until only one player remains.

I really want community to be engaged in the ideas for new Game Worlds past Horror Hill’s release, as there’s still more spots for Game Worlds in Game Worlds Ports.