Game runs really bad on recommended hardware.

I have a Ryzen APU which is more than enough to run tower unite i would assume, i can run pretty much any AAA Game on medium/low settings, is there something i’m doing wrong?

It runs at like 13 frames per second in my condo on low and it’s only using around 700 megabytes of my VRAM even when when i crank the settings up to high it stays on 13 frames, i doubt it’s my computer because i remember being able to play this game on my 5 year old laptop and it would run at like 30-50 frames, prove me wrong i guess

(edit) it’s not just inside my condo, i played minigolf and it also ran terribly, settings are on low, no shadows, low mirror quality, the only way i can get it to be playable/stable frames is if i drop the internal resolution all the way down to like 60-70

Something else i’ve noticed is that no matter how low or high my settings are i don’t get a high increase or decrease in frames, it’s a very minor change

Also, for anyone wondering my specs are:

Ryzen 5 3400G, 4 cores 8 threads, 3.7ghz base, 4.2ghz boost

16GB of 2400mhz RAM

AMD Radeon Vega 11 Graphics, 2GB of VRAM


I meet the recommended specs listed on the steam page, unless they’re outdated or TU isn’t optimized for my hardware, no clue.

your GPU is an integrated one, which doesn’t work well with TU (or other UE4 games, iirc). most computers with integrated graphics cards just can’t run the game at all


Oof #1, you’d probably do much better with an APU that has a 7nm Vega IGPU.

Oof #2, with an APU that’s your VRAM, you want to have as much throughput as possible, therefore you need significantly faster RAM, 3200 MHz or more, not to mention Ryzen CPUs in general benefit significantly from having fast RAM.

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As already mentioned, you don’t actually have the recommended hardware. Far below it actually.

Edit: Actually, because of your integrated graphics, you actually don’t even meet the minimum requirements, much less the recommended ones.