Game refuses to connect to steam

I have already posted this bug,but I find it disappointing that nobody tried to fix it. Its been occuring for months. Months that I could not play my favorite game. Heres a screenshot. Same screenshot I used previously,because its the exact same issue.

Please fix this soon,because I am not waiting much longer. Honestly,its making me angry. Please fix this!

On the off chance that this is your problem, check your Task Manager to make sure that there is only one instance of TU running. It seems this Steam issue is a recurring problem for you, so I doubt that’s it, but it’s worth a try.

Have you tried to restart steam? It worked for me when i also had this issue.

Check your firewall settings. If you are using a VPN, make sure you are using a VPN that can connect to Steam.

Read this:

Some ISPs have blocked Steam before.

Also, it looks like you had this issue in the past and we helped you. Have you tried restarting? That worked for you in the past.

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I tried restarting my PC,the task manager thing,and everything else on my previous post. Nothing worked,except the restart. One problem with the restart. A few days later,it stopped again,so yeah. @macdguy

I have tried that,it did not work. @PatrykPL24

I have tried this,but it did not work. @Arkive86

@macdguy I will try the things you listed over the weekend,for I do not have much time on weekdays. I will post my results on this topic or forum,whatever it is called.

I’m not gonna be able to check things out until tomorrow because I have lots of things to do today.

@macdguy I tried the things listed on that pages a while ago apparently,because most of it was already done…
Man,I’m lost. Dont know what to do.

Well,I think I just figured something out. It works sometimes,and sometimes it does not. I honestly dont know what is wrong with it. I dont know if its even a bug anymore.