Game is unplayable

i recently got tower unite and the game is already unplayable

since yesterday night only the eu servers were unjoinable as it sent me to an error page with the message “your connection to the host has been lost”, i joined asia servers and it was fine yet EXTREMELY laggy even though i am in asia. now today i find that all servers are unjoinable with the same error message.

add-on: me and my friends i play with are from the same country and are in the same area, my friends all have the same ping yet mine is much higher than theirs. we’re on the same servers and i don’t have any vpns on.

please help!!!

Sounds like something is blocking your connection to these servers on your end.
Potentially a firewall blocking outbound connections.

Are you and your friend able to join each other in condos?

yes condos are joinable. i’ll check my firewall

i checked my firewall and everything seems to be as normal.