Game Drops Frames Then Locks Up. - Build:1538263

I can play the game for a solid 5-10 mins at 70 fps. then the game has some weird frame drop and it stops at 8 fps, my ping sky rockets and i can’t move at all. :person_frowning: :sob:

Server - Official Dallas US. AVG Ping: 64
Processor - AMD A8-5600k APU 3.6GHz
Graphics - Nvidea GTX 750Ti 2gb VRam
Ram - 8gb
OS - Win10

Client Version - Build: 1538263

Another Note: :raising_hand: The Top right of my screen where the tag is for the build it says ower Unite

Try restarting Steam or your computer when this happens.

There’s some weird Steam issue we’re looking into where the Steam Client starts doing networking requests rapidly and it tanks frame rates.

I have, it just repeats.