Game crashing 5-10m after loading into plaza/arcade/casino

PC specs:
i5 4590
1050ti 4gb
24gb ddr3

This seems to not happen in my condo weirdly, but only in the locations in the title. I can play fine for anywhere between 5-10 minutes, then tower freezes and the only way to close it is through task manager. I’ve tried verifying files, redownloading, deleting the player data, dx 11 and 10, and lowering all the graphics settings to their lowest. There isnt a crash/dump file in \Tower Unite\Tower\Saved , otherwise I would post that. Is there anything I can try to fix this? Thanks for your time!

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It sounds like the game is freezing, but not crashing.

What kind of storage medium are you playing the game on, a hard drive or solid state drive?

1tb mx500 solid state drive.

Have you tried disabling workshop models?

Workshop models are off, forgot to mention. My bad!

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