Game Crash when I click Trust Canvas while visiting condos

I am a long time player and am experiencing frequent crashes when I enter a player’s condo and then click trust canvases since the last hotfix/update v., App ID:394690 Build ID: 6375637, March 13, 2021 at 1:25am EST. I clear my canvas cache regularly, as do I the workshop cache. I have not had this problem before this update.

At first I found that my trust canvas players list was full. I think I reached the limit of condos I can trust. I must have had 200 players on my list at least. I tried to enter a condo and trust the canvases and it crashed me. Then after restarting I tried to delete one person on my trust canvases list while in a condo and my game crashed.

So I restarted and one by one deleted all the players that were on my trusted canvas list from the main menu screen. I thought this had fixed it, but no.

Today, I had only 5 players on my Trust Canvases player list, I entered a condo and clicked trust canvases and my game crashed. I had already cleared my canvas cache and removed all my previous trusted players. I also just tried clicking Decide Later and it crashed my game again. I am basically running on a turbo potato, so I try to keep my settings at the minimum.

Intel Core i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz
Windows 10 Home V.1909, OSbuild 18363.1441
NVIDIA GeForce GT 630

Please help!

Screenshot after Images load right before crash when clicking trust


Is it just specific condos or all condos?

My condo seemed to work for you after you clicked trust so im wondering if something else other players are doing is causing the crashes.

Have you tried uninstalling, deleting any folders/files that remain in the steamapps folder that are related to tower unite then reinstalling?